View Full Version : Why Won't Texas Grab Boomer?

05-25-01, 09:46 AM
I'll tell ya why...because they decided to pay one player $25 million. The team with one of the most fearsome lineups but the worst pitching staff in the majors should be all over the chance to acquire one of the better pitchers in the league, ESPECIALLY a lefty. Have they even flinched? Have they been mentioned in trade rumors? No...and I'm sure the price for Boomer will be cheap. Chicago can't WAIT to unload him. Instead, we hear rumors that Texas might trade Pudge before he becomes a 10-5 player. The stupidity simply astounds me...and I hope ARod realizes it too. He and his gargantuan salary have all but crippled that team.

Now, I know that Boomer would more likely be dealt to a team with hopes to contend THIS year, but with this unbalanced schedule, the Rangers still have to play Seattle 14 times. It's not beyond possibility that they gain some ground and after all, how long can Bret Boone carry the M's?

05-25-01, 11:03 AM
Yes, I think you pretty much covered the reasons why Texas is not jumping to get Boomer (with his $9M, I think, salary)....Texas has made a collossal mistake, imo....and it will be hard to reverse it. They have ARod for 10 years at 25M....no other club would be interested in trading for him, even if Texas wanted to unload the salary.

The only solution I see is for Texas to draft and trade for the best young pitchers they can find and pray that they have a fast-track to the majors.......unload the higher priced stars, other than ARod (Palmeiro, Pudge, etc.) to free up money to sign top free-agent pitchers. They could possibly find enough reasonably priced position players to fit around ARod, if they had the pitching.

I think the Rangers have given up on this year already, and would not be interested in pitching help for just this year (Boomer).....but they would jump at getting some young, good arms and a decent catcher perhaps, for Pudge.....or young arms for Palmerio, and perhaps even Rusty Greer.

Just the way I see it.


05-25-01, 11:17 AM
The they want revenue sharing because they can't afford to buy the players they need to win (how about developing??).

If they only had a brain

05-25-01, 11:24 AM
Isn't it just poetic justice? The world cries that the Yanks have all the money and buy championships, yet, as soon as someone sets out to prove it, they fall flat on their face. I hope ARod never SNIFFS another postseason.

05-25-01, 11:27 AM
I don't think that the addition of Wells would bring them back into contention, even if they could afford to do it. The season is over for the Rangers, and they'll have to suffer through the misery of being out of the picture in May and having to play in the oppresive heat knowing that for the next 100 games. I can't wait for the next series with them so Nim-Rod can see a winner at shortstop on the other team and think about what winning would be like if he took a little less and went to a team that had pitching.

05-26-01, 07:14 AM
The reason the Rangers aren't trying to get Boomer is because they are in last place,17.5 games out,not because they don't want to or can't spend the money.

Texas will start dumping slaries soon.

05-26-01, 06:36 PM
I live in the southwest so I hear all the talk about free agents, trades, ect. From what I have heard they are planning on shopping Ruben Mateo (very good prospect) after the season, but don't have enough of anything to make any good trades now. They say they have some good prospects in the minors, but let me tell ya, they don't. Their AA club is here in Tulsa and they have absolutely no pitching so I don't see too much hope for the future.

05-26-01, 09:05 PM
Why won't Texas grab Boomer?

Maybe cuz he's the only thing thats actually "bigger" than Texas. ;)