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05-03-00, 04:52 PM
Looks like Pedro Martinez was suspended for five games for his participation in the broo-ha-ha the other. Too bad it wasn't for 5 games he was gonna' pitch in (I always hated that about suspending pitchers, especially starters because their however-many game suspensions really don't equate to the other players 'cause they only pitch once every 5 days or so. 'taint fair.


05-03-00, 05:07 PM
yeah that is a stupid suspension...

but i don't get it, what'd they suspend him for... throwing the pitch?!? where's the proof it was intentional... i hate him to death, but the guy is an inside thower... what there's no room for error...

i didn't see the game so i don't know... all i heard was that although i think he started it, he was the only player who stayed in the dugout when the fight started...

typical loudmouth, all "talk" :rolleyes:

05-03-00, 05:56 PM
I agree yfan. Suspensions for pitchers make no sense to me.

As for Pedro, I heard he admitted hitting the batter intentionally (or at least throwing inside). This was due to the batter taking away the inside plate and getting a couple of hits. The Major League office probably felt Pedro's actions were pre-meditated (staring, prior brushbacks and retaliation).

I don't condone "headhunting" but these pitchers need to be able to pitch inside. With these smaller parks, juiced balls and jacked up hitters, there will be more homers than singles.

Maybe Pedro will work on his dugout Mambo (w/mittens) on his day off.

Bleacher Bum
05-04-00, 12:50 AM
The following are a few excerpts from the Cleveland Plain Dealer concerning the bad blood between the Red Sox and the Indians.

He's Pedro Martinez, and you're not. Be still and know that he is a god.

The best pitcher in baseball beat the Indians again, 2-1, yesterday at Jacobs Field, along the way pulling two of the weakest stunts you'll ever see by throwing at Einar Diaz and then hitting Robbie Alomar.

Charlie Nagy pitched well enough to beat just about anybody else, as the Indians dropped a low-scoring, taut, one-run game after winning the first two the same way against their playoff conquerors of last October.

Everybody should be talking about the austere beauty of the series and anticipating three games against the Yankees, starting tonight. Instead, this became about Martinez. It became about petulance and about Martinez's sense of self, which apparently is so enormous you were surprised he didn't use the "royal we" after Einar Diaz's second double off him, proclaiming: "We are not amused."

Diaz had the effrontery to get two extra-base hits off Don Pedro, lord of all he surveys. He pulled both balls to left field. Because it is almost impossible to pull outside pitches, Martinez's allegations that Diaz was "diving" at the ball were as big a cock-and-bull story as anything else issuing from the Red Sox clubhouse.

It all began when Martinez stared at Diaz, who stood on second after banging the ball off the wall in the fifth. You would think Diaz had failed to wear satin breeches to an audience with the Sun King at Versailles.

When Diaz batted in the seventh inning, Martinez's first pitch buzzed Diaz's head. The second he fouled off. The third was a head-high screamer that sent Diaz to the dirt.

After Diaz struck out, he and Martinez stared at each other, like two kids daring the other to blink first.

The next act was inevitable. Nagy hit Jose Offerman, leading off the eighth, in the side. Both dugouts and bullpens emptied. Conspicuous by his absence was Martinez, although Indians reliever Scott Kamieniecki was paging him.

Martinez started the bottom of the eighth, after both benches had been warned, by hitting Alomar in the hip. Ejection was automatic for Martinez and manager Jimy Williams.

Just for the record, nobody in Cleveland is crying about Martinez pushing batters off the plate. What it is about is Martinez's arrogance. Martinez wasn't brushing a batter back, he was sending a message. After Martinez struck out Diaz he postured on the mound and glared at Diaz until Diaz sat down in the dugout. Everyone in that stadium knew what was going on, and everyone knew the next Boston batter was going to take one in the ribs.

The laughable part of the story is that while his teammates were taking fastballs in the ribs and out on the field pushing and shoving, the cameras turned on the Boston dugout and there was Pedro sitting all by himself. You have to wonder what his teammates thought when they turned around and saw the Prince of Yawkey Way sitting in the dugout.

05-04-00, 08:39 AM
I never liked PEDRO, he's very arrogant, but he's a great pitcher. PITCHERS have the right to protect it's plate and player's, I will alway's stand by that, as you can see hitters today are spoiled at the plate, to bad BOB GIBSON isn't pitching anymore.

05-04-00, 09:09 AM
good article...

yeah pedro's a punk, plain and simple... he pulls that bs in the bronx, and he'll have to worry about half the stadium rushing the field to get a piece of him...

i've always said, yes he's a great pitcher, but save the side show, and stop pretending to be tough, when you're such a little wuss...

imagine if he tried that crap w/ thome instead... they'd still be trying tp pry thome's hand from around pedro's neck...

just another reason to HATE the sox...

05-04-00, 10:43 AM
i don't see how suspending pitchers makes sense either, but i guess you have to punish him some how. i didn't see the game, so i really don't know what happened. but if you may have been part of the reason a brawl was started, you might not want to run and hide in the dugout. he is a great pitcher, but thats about all the credit i'll give him. i happened to get in a war of words with my lil brother, who promptly responded with "the yankees stink" when i informed him that his ace was sitting for a few days. poor, poor, poor, poor lil bro...i almost feel sorry that he roots for the red sox.

05-04-00, 01:31 PM
The more I think about it, the more ticked I get. If a starting pitcher is suspended for 5 games, it should be 5 games in which he would be pitching, not 5 of his team's games. What kind of punishment is that? In actuality, it's a one-game suspension. Whatta' bunch of poop!!!! :mad:
(but, that's only my opinion).

- Maureen

05-04-00, 05:00 PM
Already mentioned is that he is a great pitcher(nothing bull there);but isnt very classy about it. Hidding in the dugout... Im glad that he was suspended (sweet pointless revenge), but it doesnt make much sense to suspend him...I hope some team wails him 45-1 one of these days..now that'd be cool.