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05-21-01, 06:37 PM
This time I think that Boomer is right READ THIS:

Wells takes shots at Valentine, Cleveland

ESPN.com news services

After taking on Frank Thomas earlier this season, White Sox pitcher David Wells took some shots at Bobby Valentine and the city of Cleveland, calling the Mets manager a derogatory name and a "loser" and saying "Cleveland sucks" in an interview with Playboy.com.


Before he was traded from Toronto to Chicago, Wells said in the interview that he was hoping to go to the Mets.

"I did want to go back to New York, but I knew if I did it would have been disastrous with me and Bobby Valentine there," Wells said. "There's no love lost between us."

Wells then called Valentine a derogatory name before continuing: "You ever watch a Mets game? Who do they show, always? ... He knows where the cameras are. One day, I was pitching against the Mets, and he get thrown out and tries to come back in disguise. What a loser. Just go to the office and go have a beer and watch it on TV."

Wells said the Indians are the lone team for which he never would play.

"Cleveland sucks. The team's good. It's the way (the Cleveland fans) treated me in '98 when we beat them in the playoffs," Wells said of his days with the Yankees. "My mom had just died and some of the fans were heckling me when I was warming up, and it got carried away and then before you know it you got 50 or 60 people talking about my mom. It carried on every year after that. We went there Opening Day this year, and I went out to warm up and some dude, just loud as he could, yells, 'Where's your mother at?' "It's (stuff) like that you gotta hear from low-rent scumbags in Cleveland. But it catches on, so everybody starts to talk about my mom. I can't even go out there. People start throwing crap at me, start confrontations. So I just stay in my room and watch TV."

Wells said if the White Sox were to trade Wells to Cleveland he would retire.

"They can take their money and keep it because I would not go," he said.

I had to post this it is just too funny not to post it here!!!!

05-21-01, 06:59 PM
Dude should just shutup and pitch.

05-21-01, 07:02 PM
More pitching, less talking seems like a good idea.

05-21-01, 07:58 PM
Seems like a pre-emptive strike. He wanted to go to the Mets in the offseason when they looked like the NL team to beat. Now that they're sinking, he doesn't want to go there.

Wells has a big fat mouth, but he's not stupid. He's read the papers saying that the two teams are talking about shipping him the Big Apple. He doesn't want to go to the Mets. Do you think it's a coincidence that he's said this now?

05-21-01, 08:03 PM
If he gets traded I would say he wants to go to a contender and the Mets don't look like they are going anywhere at this point. He has hated the Cleveland fans for years.

He doesn't say anything about retiring if he goes to the Mets which may be a good thing as he just may end up there. I can hear the fireworks now between he and Bobby V. That would be fun!! :lol:

05-21-01, 08:07 PM
Mr. Wells, open mouth, insert foot.

05-21-01, 08:11 PM
Originally posted by Luvtino
More pitching, less talking seems like a good idea.

:gulp: :gulp: :gulp:

(seems like the most appropriate endorsement to add for Boomer. :lol: )

05-21-01, 10:59 PM
More and more I'm seeing why the Yankees traded Wells. I can't believe that for the most part they were able to keep him from shooting his mouth off as much as he has since he left the Yankees.

Wells is still a talented pitcher but I'm starting to lose some respect for him off the field.


05-22-01, 02:00 AM
Torre dropped a hint of what life with Boomer must have been like when he was discussing Nelson's comments about El Duque:

"He is never shy of an opinion, you know that," Torre said of Nelson "Nellie is Nellie. I can't compare him to anybody."

Informed of his "Boomer is Boomer" description of David Wells, Torre caught himself.

"Yeah, I guess, but Boomer sometimes would get malicious," Torre said.

That's about as close as Torre will come to slamming a guy. Makes you wonder what that clubhouse must have been like.


05-22-01, 07:48 AM
Boomer is the Classic "one man gang" playing a team sport.

He shoulda been a boxer. :)


05-22-01, 08:41 AM
Casey, I agree with you! But he's definitely not disciplined enough to be a boxer. (Understatement)

Wells is right that Cleveland sucks (some of the fans can be downright rude), but he's talking out of his butt, too. Last year when the Jays came to Cleveland, The Who was in town the night of their first game and Boomer was there (as was I) and he was treated like royalty at the concert. Then he partied a little too much in The Flats afterwards (he was pitching the next afternoon) and they ended up taking him out of the game in the 2nd or 3rd inning. For him to say "I can't even go out there" is a load of bull. He should know that you can't judge a city of people by their sports fans, otherwise, the Mets fans would prove to the rest of the world that half of New Yorkers walk around dragging their knuckles on the ground, right? Only kidding! :D

05-22-01, 09:13 AM
Yeah, but he is right about Valentine being a publicity hog- he always has to be the center of attention with his weird gesticulating! What a pair they would make!!!!

05-22-01, 09:29 AM
Originally posted by silverdsl
More and more I'm seeing why the Yankees traded Wells. I can't believe that for the most part they were able to keep him from shooting his mouth off as much as he has since he left the Yankees.

Wells is still a talented pitcher but I'm starting to lose some respect for him off the field.


He may talk like a jerk, act like a jerk, hell, even look like a jerk, but he's still my jerk.

I'll always have a soft spot for Wells.

05-22-01, 01:42 PM
Originally posted by toots
I'll always have a soft spot for Wells.

And Wells will always have plenty of soft spots :P

05-22-01, 02:15 PM
I agree with Toots - pain in the ass or not, David Wells is a winner - & a highly entertaining one. And he loved the Yankees.

05-23-01, 11:17 AM
i'm with toots and 125 - i just can't help but love the guy. and i don't blame him one bit for slamming the cleveland fans - what kind of bull................ is that - heckling someone about your dead mother? can you imagine how pissed off we'd be if someone pulled that with any of the yanks father's that have passed away recently? Not to say all of cleveland is evil, but that stuff has got to stop

i'd rather he not go to the mets. coney going to boston was enough for me