View Full Version : hope for webber...

05-09-01, 12:26 PM
...in a knicks uni... please...


05-09-01, 05:37 PM
Knicks have to get Webber:D

05-10-01, 01:59 AM
just as long as he doesn't call 'time out.';)

05-10-01, 07:07 AM
Who do you think they will trade to get Webber?

05-10-01, 07:53 AM
hopefully van gundy, houston and ward... but if that ain't enough, i'd through anyone else not named spree...

05-10-01, 11:40 AM
Do you think Weber can put the Knicks in a position to go deep in the playoffs next year? I just don't see him as total solution.

05-10-01, 07:12 PM
I read this morning in the Daily News that the Knicks are going to give Houston a fat new contract.That means no Webber.And I have a simple question.


05-10-01, 07:14 PM
Here's the story.


Knicks Want Allan to Stay
Close to 7-year, $115M contract

Daily News Sports Writer

he Knicks are prepared to make a long-term commitment to Allan Houston and their free-agent shooting guard reiterated yesterday that New York is where he wants to stay.

A high-ranking team official confirmed yesterday that the Knicks are being realistic about their chances of acquiring free agent forward Chris Webber and will not risk losing Houston.

That same source added that Houston likely will receive the maximum contract, a seven-year, $115 million deal that would make him the highest-paid player — in terms of total contract value — in franchise history.

"This is where I want to be," Houston said yesterday. "I think everyone knows that. And from everything I've been told, the Knicks want me back."

Since last summer, when Houston met with Garden president Dave Checketts in Australia, the Knicks have made their position clear to Houston that their top priority is to re-sign him.

Allan Houston wants to wear the Knicks' uniform for the remainder of his career.
Two months ago, Checketts assured Houston that he would return.

"The decision is not just up to me," Houston said. "This is a business. But I think everything will work out."

Houston will terminate the final two years of his contract on July 1 in order to become a free agent. There has been widespread speculation that the Knicks would attempt to trade Houston in order to acquire a power forward.

The name mentioned most prominently is Webber but to acquire him, the Kings, Knicks, Webber and Houston would all have to agree to a deal. Such a transaction is further complicated by the fact that the Rockets have enough cap room to sign Webber outright and Webber has listed Houston as one of his preferred destinations.

Sacramento intends to do everything in its power to retain Webber. Also, Portland's decision to fire its coach, Mike Dunleavy, makes it less likely that Rasheed Wallace will be made available.

As for the Knicks, they view Houston as one of the top shooting guards in the league and someone who will thrive under next year's new rules which will allow for zone defenses.

The Knicks want to build a team around Houston, Latrell Sprewell and Marcus Camby. If the right deal comes along everyone is expendable, but Houston has the most leverage because he is a free agent.

Ironically, Sprewell, who is under contract, is more likely to be traded, although the Knicks do not foresee that happening.

Houston revealed yesterday that he looks forward to continuing to be teammates with Sprewell, who took thinly veiled shots at Houston following the Knicks' first-round playoff exit Friday.

"I don't have any problem with Spree," said Houston. "Everyone once in awhile there are disagreements but that's part of being a team."

Houston was bothered by the timing of Sprewell's comments. Houston was shooting 60% in the first four games of the series, then ran into foul problems in Game 5. Afterward, Sprewell questioned his teammates' effort, saying he was the only one that had "left it all out on the floor."

During that same press conference, Sprewell blamed Houston's performance on early foul trouble.

"I would not have handled it the way he did," Houston said. "But he knows I want to win. That loss hurt everyone."

Houston agrees with Sprewell's assertion that the Knicks have to upgrade their front line.

With his commitment to the team, Houston must co-exist with the Knicks' star, Latrell Sprewell.
"We need a presence inside," Houston said. "We became too predictable on offense. One of the reasons I love playing here is that the Knicks have always done everything in their power to improve the team. I know they're trying to get better."

Houston added that he would like to see his best friend, Charlie Ward, return but said Ward's status would not have an impact on his signing.

"Both of us understand the business part of it," he said. "I want Charlie to stay here but I also have to take care of myself and my family. We'll always be friends, no matter where we play."

Houston said the five days since the Knicks were eliminated have been tough. He spent yesterday with his daughter, Ramie, at FAO Schwarz in Manhattan and will be an in-studio guest on TNT on Monday.

"I'm not used to this," he said of the unexpected free time. "But I think this will make us work harder in the offseason."

05-10-01, 08:18 PM

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! http://cwm.ragesofsanity.com/otn/angry/grncringe.gif

i was finally getting over our first round humiliation to those purple clad mounties, looking w/ HOPE to a future of spree and webb and NO HOUSTON & WARD!!! and now i gotta read THIS!!!??? i can't take it man... no way... i won't you'll see, i'll get rid of that punk myself... i'm gonna write a REAL newspaper right now, the post... i'm gonna write em EVERY WEEK this summer... i'll take out full page adds... HOUSTON WE GOTTA PROBLEM! you may like new york, but new york don't like you!!!! GO A-WAY!!!! http://cwm.ragesofsanity.com/otn/angry/tdo3.gif

i'm really traumatized by this, no joke here... http://cwm.ragesofsanity.com/otn/sad/smily77.gif

i'll quit that's what i'll do... i'll quit bein' a knicks fan... this may actually be a blessing in disguise... i can see my bar tab and tums expenses going down already...

f' da knicks... f' that square layden, van dweeby, mr softie houston, the antisemetic preacher charlie wart, f em all...

it's all riley's fault you know... if he wouldda just stayed content coaching and let grunfeld do his damn job as gm we wouldda never had van grumpy, or layden... now cause we're run by squares we're gonna have a team chock full of squares... birds of a feather... but they WON'T have this fan to humiliate no more... that's it it's either punk ass houston or me... and i promise, i won't go quietly... i'm takin' spree w/ me...

i need a drink... http://cwm.ragesofsanity.com/otn/angry/11zmad2.gif

05-11-01, 07:01 AM
I don't see the logic behind this thinking.

Ok,we don't think we'll be able to get the player we want,so we will continue something that doesn't work for another seven years.

Dave Checketts,if the Knicks and Rangers continue to suck,you will be looking for work.For the love of God,step in and do something here!

05-11-01, 08:02 AM
Originally posted by CJM
I don't see the logic behind this thinking.

Ok,we don't think we'll be able to get the player we want,so we will continue something that doesn't work for another seven years.

Dave Checketts,if the Knicks and Rangers continue to suck,you will be looking for work.For the love of God,step in and do something here!


05-14-01, 12:39 PM
This is why I never read that crap the daily snooze… c webb is still very much in the picture, but don’t expect to see any public negotiating… layden’s gotta operate behind the scenes or else, just like last offseas, w/ the original ewing deal, other teams (Miami) will do everything to they can to keep him outta ny…

Here’s the latest webber news:




05-15-01, 06:47 AM
Originally posted by CJM

Dave Checketts,if the Knicks and Rangers continue to suck,you will be looking for work.For the love of God,step in and do something here!

Oops,not fast enough Dave.

05-15-01, 07:20 AM
Originally posted by CJM

Oops,not fast enough Dave.

good riddance...

05-15-01, 09:00 AM
Well maybe MSG finally pinned the Ranger and Knicks problems on Checkets. Hopefully his replacement will have the intestinal fortitude to make the changes necessary.

The Knicks and Rangers are embarrasments.

05-16-01, 02:03 PM
jim rome thinks webbers gonna end up on the knicks, and that's good enough for me.

now we just have the rest of these guys to unload........ like many have said, it's time to rebuild from scratch--except 'trelly, of course. and, maybe camby. but i'm ready to say goodbye to everyone else.

or else, like ansky said, maybe it IS a blessing in disguise. maybe we WILL save some money and aggrevation over this.......

but probably not. we've been conditioned to accept this sickness, and i'm not sure how soon it's gonna go away........

Yankee Fan Sedere in equo
05-16-01, 08:47 PM
I'm probably in a minority when I say this, but as a Kings fan, I say your welcome to Webber if you want him. I'm also not dissing all he has done for the franchise because he was a major factor in turning things around. He has been big during the regular season during most of his tenure as a King, but I continue.....

ESPN has this thing going on right now about being "clutch". There is an article in ESPN the Magazine and they've got polls running on the website. I guarentee you this Mr. Webber is not going to be featured in any part of that special. I have watched repeatedly him choke when the big games come. The reason the Kings couldn't even win at home EVEN ONE game against the Lakers can almost be squarely placed on one man- Webber. Sure the stats weren't that bad, but NONE of the key shots that he took went down. 8-25 in the fourth game says it enough for me. The reason the Kings beat the Suns was that Peja was hot and J-Will kept in under control. His stats were weak in that series as well. I look back to last year against the Lakers in the first round, I recall countless shots that could have fallen in their three losses. Don't get me started on the series the year before about game five against Utah and those missed layups. Go back to his college days and he calls time outs that don't exist. The man can you get you to the water, but he sure as hell can't get you to drink. I doubt the Knicks need that in a player

Webber isn't an inspiring leader to break to you guys either. He can challenge his teammates on the occasion, but don't count on it on a consisitent basis. He doesn't like doing so, in fact he IS the one who needs to be challenged to leave it all on the floor most of the time which I guess his teammates in Sac didn't do for him to put up these performances, this year probably more so in fear that he might take exception. Now about those teammates of his in Kings Land......

They are the consumate definition of the word TEAM. They enjoy one another and each other's quirks and crazes. C-Webb loved J-Will's odd style, Hido's quietness, Vlade's out going personality, Peja's quest to learn more, etc. He loved how Coach Rick let him almost do as he wanted. He loved his owners who practically built that new practice facility for him and had billboards all over town for him, saying that they would mow his lawn everyday for him themselves if he agreed to stay. I contend there are no fans in the NBA more loyal than Kings fans and ARCO is rocking every night whether they're winning or losing and they have always got their players' backs. NO ONE is going to give/offer Webb more money or "privileges" than the Kings will offer/have offered and NO TEAM will offer him the team chemistry that the Kings have in the locker room, NO FANS are going to be more loyal but NONE of this is enough for him (can you say proto-type of a spoiled athlete?).

He wants the big city night life like a NYC or a Washington. Maybe he or Knicks fans if they want him need to look into the past and what a big city does to him. He gets into trouble. Right now he has this good guy image going for him BECAUSE of that seperation from his bad guy image in the past and BECAUSE the Kings have helped turn him around by taking the "bad" guy on.

So if you Knicks fans want him take him for the time being take him. Judging from your team's playoff history, I'm judging you don't need a man who can't come up big in the playoffs and you need a leader on and off the floor. I'm personally bitter over him. I'd take him back in a heart beat if he wanted to stay because I love all Kings, just like I love all my Yankees, but if he leaves, every one will survive. The Kings had a pretty decent record without him when he was injured so they can survive and prosper without him because they are a TEAM and they can step up to fill a void when necessary.

I'll take that sign and deal agreement that would be Houston for Webber because in long run they'll both do the same thing. Your kidding yourselves if you think Webber will lead the Knicks to a title more so than Houston will....

05-16-01, 10:02 PM
no offense, but sounds like sour gapes to me...

hell yeah we'll take webber... you'll see how valuable he is once he leaves... he carried that team... pedra's gotta nice shot, but watch him turn into toni kukoc once webb bolts... soft... and let's not even talk about that chuckaholic, outta control, pointless guard, williams... and knick reject christie at shootin'' guard??? all these guys willl go flat w/out webb to draw double teams, especisally in the fourth quater whhen teams focus more on stopping him...

no webb, no playoffs for the kings guaranteed.... he caried his team to the second round agaisnt the present reignin champs... there's no shame in defeat to shaq and kobe... he even carried the snakebitten perennial cellar dwelling wizards to the playoffs the year before he got exiled to sac... and he lost to the champs that year too like everyone else, the bulls... the guy is a stud, a superstar... him and spree... and he won't have to lead here... we got spree, this is spree's team no matter who comes...

and as far as livin in the city... he's lived here the past two years during the offseas and hasn't tarnished his "good guy" image...

look, i understand the bitterness honest... if he was bailin my team i'd trash him too... but the kid's got game... i'll take him for houston and i'll even throw in ward and othella... and if ya need a coach i'll throw in gundy...