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Mick the Quick
05-04-01, 01:57 AM
Kind of funny situation. He's playing for a bad team and left one that's on the rise.

I only bring it up because he examplifies a green-eyed big mouth that gets to watch his "so-called" buddy, battle for another championship.

How would you like to be the owner of the Rangers now and look at 25mil/yr do nothing for you. You're team is still not good enough. In fact you were better two or three years ago.

A-Rod has made me very happy to be a Yankees fan. I feel like I'm behind an organization that can do business in a free-enterprise market and build a winner.

I wonder how many people envy us. And we haven't even won the 5th championship in six years yet.

05-04-01, 04:34 AM
God does have a sense of irony. And apparently, he's a Mariners fan, to boot :P

05-04-01, 07:16 AM
Originally posted by ElDuque110
God does have a sense of irony. And apparently, he's a Mariners fan, to boot :P

Nothing ironic about it. It has been proven time and time again that baseball is a team sport. Now that the dust has settled after the Mariners traded away their 3 biggest stars, (A-Rod, Griffey and Johnson) Woody Woodward looks like some sort of genius. And the Mariners fans ran him out of town on a shingle.

Bu the way....shouldn't this post be in the general Baseball Discussion board?

05-04-01, 07:49 AM

:O BWWWAAHHHHH :O ...you greedy sellout!

:cool: :smokin: :cool:

05-04-01, 08:23 AM
And although A-Rod proclaimed that "Jeter doesn't do all those things defensively", I would like to note that though Jeter has an inordinate number of errors (6), A-Rod is beating him in that area as well with SEVEN.

Now that I put in my little dig, I must say, I'm very dissapointed in Jeter's defense since he came back. That was the one area where I wanted to see him improve.

05-04-01, 08:28 AM
It won't be long until A-Rod demands that the Rangers sign some good pitchers. Most of us knew Texas was doomed from the get-go. Piniella proved that great hitters can't win without good pitching, and now he's proving that good pitching can win without great hitting. A-Rod will have many days to think about this while standing out there in the searing Texas heat. I LOVE IT!

05-04-01, 08:34 AM
Originally posted by Bub
Piniella proved that great hitters can't win without good pitching, and now he's proving that good pitching can win without great hitting.

Hey, gang...Torre's known this for years-that's why we've won 4 out of 5. And we ALL ought to keep this in mind before we say we're doomed this season.

Why can we say that about other teams so easily, but with the Yanks, all of a sudden, we suddenly need every single big basher in the majors in order to win??

I guess some people just don't think before they open their mouths....(not you Bub...good post!!)

05-04-01, 09:16 AM
A-Rod made People's 50 most beautiful list. :lol:

I am sure Jeter is seething with jealousy. :lol:

05-04-01, 10:06 AM
Eh, Jeter's not jealous! That's old news for him...He made it back in 1999! YAWN! ;)

Been there, done that!!!

05-04-01, 10:09 AM
Originally posted by UWSgirl
A-Rod made People's 50 most beautiful list. :lol:

I am sure Jeter is seething with jealousy

Sweet, a few less photo shoots and a couple of extra swings and ground balls may bo him some good.

05-04-01, 11:11 AM
I LOVE THAT PICTURE, especially the expressions on some of those clueless Mariner fans in the background !!

Hey A-hog, you have no manager now !! Read link below >


HAHAHAHA Money can't buy happiness you a-hole.

How 'bout them Mariners this year , huh ?

Enjoy finishing about 25 games behind L-O-S-E-R.


05-04-01, 11:48 AM
WOW!!! I thought you were joking, they canned him! He's been sacked!

05-04-01, 01:13 PM
I gotta say, I really think Johnny Oates got a raw deal here. It wasn't his fault the team didn't add any pitching. If anything, they should can Tom Hicks, but somehow, I doubt that's going to happen

05-04-01, 01:35 PM
Certain individual player's salaries have escalated to such an extent that it has finally reached to break point for franchises. Even the richest of franchises, i.e. the Mets, are asking themselves do we want a player or do we want a team?

I don't think the owners have to worry about a salary cap at all. I think the market, upon which Scott Boras always falls to justify the salaries he gets for his players, is starting to top out. I am a Yankee fan, but I take large delight and root for the Mariners because of A-Rod and Griffey. It says much about the game when two players like this leave and the franchise only gets better.

It will be interesting to see how this develops. Looking at the disaster that has befallen Texas, it will be interesting to see how many franchises continue to keep Scott Bora$$ represented players or pay the big bucks to sign them as free agents. After all, when do the fans come to the park more, when the team is winning or when they have one star player?

05-04-01, 02:09 PM
No big shock that the Rangers stink...they have no pitching.

I agree that Oates got a raw deal as it wasn't his fault they only got him half of a team. I hope he gets another job really soon.

As for AHog...couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Must kill him to see Seattle flourish without him. :lol:

05-04-01, 03:24 PM
I must admit I've never been much of a Seattle fan before, but now I find myself rooting for them (as long as they're not playing the Yanks). I'm sure it must iritate the hell out of Pay-rod to see them doing so well.

Enjoy the loooooooong endless (and LOSING) summer in Texas Alex. No one deserves it more than you.

I do feel bad for Oates though. No one could win with the pitching they have now. What's their ERA anyway? Around 7.8?

05-04-01, 04:42 PM
That is what you get NO-ROD, you took the money and ran like a B****. You stay in Texas and be a loser

05-04-01, 06:04 PM
The satisfaction of Seattle doing so well without him is the sweetest revenge. IF our boys don't make it to the WS, I hope the Mariners do, just to twist the knife a little more.....

Bluesexy's daddy
05-04-01, 06:18 PM
A-H&*^ says that he is a "leader". I guess he is leading "Picket's charge". If A-H&%$ leaves baseball maybe he could get a job leading the Iraqi army.

Great leadership there A-H$%@.

I am a hard core YANKEE fan but I like the Rangers(because I get to go to a few games there most years) so I was dissapointed to see them sign that contract with A-H&%$. I knew that he would not justify the expenditure. That contract may just about cancel the Rangers' future for years to come.
It's going to be a loooong hot summer in Dallas.

Mick the Quick
05-05-01, 01:44 AM
And he could be playing with the New York Mets across town from his onetime buddy - Derek.

What a scenario! Yankees-Mets interleague showdowns would be the primo MLB broadcasts. No matter what the team records might be, the Yankees and Mets encounters would feature the previous season's WS participants, Rocket and Piazza and the shortstops - Jeter and a-rod.

What an atmosphere.

$25mil/yr at Texas w/o a Manager vs. $18mil/yr with the Mets in New York City.

Nuts, absolutely unthinking. Boros must have sucked his brain out completely. And after a-rod lost his brains he started talking about a friend and ohhh-boy, whatamess.

05-05-01, 08:16 AM
Goes to show... teams need pitching. Pitching over hitting - that one of the first things I learned about baseball.

Duh, with names like Rick Helling and Kenny Rogers on your team, you're DOOMED...

What a mighty life lesson Alex Rodriguez is learning. I'm sure it must kill him to see his former team winning without him, after all the "straw that stirs the drink" comments he made in the offseason.


05-05-01, 08:20 AM
Too bad A-Hole can't Pitch! :p

05-05-01, 08:43 AM
Originally posted by TEAM OCTOBER
I LOVE THAT PICTURE, especially the expressions on some of those clueless Mariner fans in the background !!

lol.. never noticed the fans until you said something..