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04-27-00, 09:58 AM
I thought it would be fun to go down memory lane for each day of the baseball year. Let me know if you like this idea. Thanks.

1944 - Jim Tobin of the Braves pitched at no-hitter against the Dodgers in Boston, winning 2-0. He also homered.

1947 - Babe Ruth Day at Yankee Stadium drew a crowd of more than 58,000 to honor the ailing star. In the game, Sid Hudson of the Washington Senators beat Spud Chandler 1-0.

1968 - Tom Phoebus of the Orioles no-hit Boston 6-0 at Baltimore.

1973 - Kansas City's Steve Busby pitched his first of two career no-hitters, a 3-0 victory over the Tigers @ Detroit.

1983 - Walter Johnson's record of 3,508, which had stood for 56 years, was eclipsed by Houston's Nolan Ryan. Ryan fanned Montreal pinch hitter Brad Mills in the eighth inning as the Astros beat the Expos 4-2.

04-27-00, 11:04 AM
Great Russ, really interesting stuff. You really gonna do it every day? wow, dedication!

04-27-00, 12:00 PM
Gonna try OM. I think that and Yankees Notebooks will keep me busy enough.

04-27-00, 02:59 PM
Great idea Russ! I was just thinking about this yesterday. I'll help you pick up the slack from time to time.

04-27-00, 10:30 PM
I remember the the Steve Busby no-no. He could pitch his butt off. He had a few real good years then got hurt and just never got it back.
Good idea Russ! I love this stuff.