View Full Version : ATTN: Everyone who is having any difficulties

04-26-00, 04:31 PM
This came from the manufacturer:

We'll be releasing version 1.1.0a in the next few days. This version will fix problems that people have been having with WebTV and Netscape. If, when surfing these forums, you find a Netscape problem, please report it ASAP in the bugs forum.

Also fixed:

Editing posts time limit

Password cookies are now encrypted

Users will only revceive one email when a thread gets replies until they next read the post.


This should make huge strides to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience at these forums.

04-26-00, 06:43 PM
Thanks so much!! My topics are now in white and I can read them just fine!!! :) :) :) Everything else seems fine now. You're the best!! :) :) :)


04-26-00, 06:57 PM
After all this time, I finally figured out what the problem was. I decided to fix it before the new version came out, so that you could use the forum.

Now, for those WebTV people... ;) You're next, don't worry!! Your situation is a little more complex, that's why there is a delay.