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04-29-01, 03:01 AM
Within a few minutes of each other, seperate Sox fans ran on the field during the waning innings of Boton's 8-2 loss. the first fan approached Tim Wakefield from the first base sign of the diamond and attempted to give Wake a high five. Wakefield backed off and doubled up his fist, causing the fan to turn and climb into the first base boxes where the cops hauled him out. The second fan ran out on the field a few minutes later carrying a large blue and red plastic bat. He got in front of the KC batter in the right handed batters box and told Rod Beck the Sox reliever to pitch the ball. Instead, security and the police hauled him away. I wonder if boredom, typical sox fan frustration and anything else were involved in these guys behavior? Oh yeah .... :gulp: :gulp: :gulp: :gulp:

04-29-01, 07:23 AM
Originally posted by northern
I wonder if boredom, typical sox fan frustration and anything else were involved in these guys behavior?

I've seen this cry for attention happen before, however, it's unusual for it to take place in April. Trust me, it has more to do with the Yankees winning than anything else. You can look for more and more of this type of behavior from the chowdaheads in the coming weeks. Dealing with reality is not their best trait.

bosox betty
04-29-01, 07:28 AM
Originally posted by bxny
Trust me, it has more to do with the Yankees winning than anything else...

With the Yankees winning, what, precisely?

You mean surviving that big game with the (sizzling) Oakland A's? In April (you know-- the month that doesn't count), no less?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

C'mon. It's too early in the morning to make me laugh this hard......

04-29-01, 07:34 AM
I rest my case. :D

bosox betty
04-29-01, 07:47 AM
Originally posted by bxny
I rest my case.

Yes, and at some point, so did Charly Manson's lawyer...:D

BTW, in case you hadn't heard.... he didn't get the "W".

Bluesexy's daddy
04-29-01, 12:10 PM
I never encourage redsox fans to "get a clue". They are already disturbed enough as it is. All the redsox fans that are capable of facing reality have long since retired as redsox fans. People that pretend to love the redsox and pretend that they think that "the YANKEES #$%^" have clearly demostrated an ability to refute reality. Somehow they think that avoiding a world championship for over eight decades somehoe qualifies them as a "GREAT" team.

Sure, just like many folks that live in Serbia or Iraq will loudly proclaim that they live in the greatest nation on earth.

Lets go sox!!!.....Go where you always go. No place.

It must be VERY painful to know that your team has been outshined by the likes of the Florida Marlins.

04-29-01, 01:34 PM
I have to laugh. I am not saying all Red Sox fans, but I wish I had a dollar I heard a Red Sox fan complaining what animals Yankee fans are, then we witness 1999 when in Game 5 of the ALCS, the "great, high class" Red Sox fans fill the field with beer cups, batteries, and assorted other garbage. Then some circus freak with a pink wig throws beer in the face of Paul O'Neill. And yesterday just being another example. Boston fans, way to show how you are such more high class than other fans! NOT!

04-29-01, 02:31 PM
Blowsux Betty,

What it has to do with is Dead Sox fans drowning themselves in cheap swill over at the CASK -n- FLAGON across from Fenway...

:cool: :smokin: :cool:

04-29-01, 03:29 PM
Methinks that all the glory of wining the illustious April Classic has gone to the poor,pathetic BlowSux fans' heads. Such a pity :drool:

Slippery Elm
04-29-01, 03:57 PM
Maybe the guys were looking for a nice place to take a leak after those six beers they had and what with the two tiny men's rooms in Fenway overflowing with urine. As usual there.

Bluesexy's daddy
04-29-01, 04:47 PM
hey blowsox betty where did you go? Are you busy celebrating your closer's fourth loss of the young season?

At the rate Derek Lowe is going (or should I say "blowing") you may have another record to celebrate at the end of the year. MOST BLOWN SAVES BY A CLOSER !!!!