View Full Version : Alan Schwarz On Defining Patience At The Plate

SoCal Pinstriper
01-15-05, 02:32 AM
Interesting (at least to me) discussion of different ways to measure patience at the dish.

regardless of how much patience has become a catchphrase for modern offensive philosophy, no matter how many books or brouhahas it spawns, there still is little delineation as to what the word actually means, no linchpin from which it can sweep an arc of understanding. We sense who are baseball's Most Patient Hitters, we think we know, but when you discover that even Barry Bonds might not be nearly as patient as people think ... well, it's time to pan back a little.

"Patience means getting your pitch depending on the strategy at the moment," said one American League advance scout, making way too much sense for so early in the conversation. "It might mean getting a walk if you need baserunners. It might mean waiting for a pitch up in the zone that you can drive or low if you're a low-ball hitter. It's very situation- and individual-specific."


01-16-05, 08:20 PM
Big reason why Billy Beane got Kendall