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04-24-01, 05:50 AM
From Baseball America:

D-Rays Promote 89th-rounder Phelps

The Devil Rays promoted righthander Travis Phelps from Durham to Tampa Bay April 19.

Yes, and...?

Well, Phelps is the lowest-drafted player ever to reach the majors. In 1996, major league clubs thought 1,729 people were better than Phelps, who went in the 89th round. The 23-year-old was signed as a draft-and-follow in 1997 from Crowder (Mo.) Junior College.

Scott Seabol of the Yankees (88th round in 1996) did hold the record for 11 days this season. Seabol went 0-1 as the Yankees' DH against the Blue Jays.

Unless there are rule changes to the June draft, Phelps will hold his record forever. In 1998 the draft was limited to 50 rounds in two days, changed from an unlimited number of rounds in three days. If he were still in baseball, Todd Trunk would be the last person to have a chance to bypass Phelps. The righthander Trunk signed with the Yankees in the 98th round of the '96 draft.

Phelps made it to the big leagues before the Devil Rays' number one pick in '96, outfielder Paul Wilder. Wilder has never moved beyond Class A and didn't play at all last season because of an injury.

Phelps, 23, was 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA in four appearances with the Bulls. In eight and innings he allowed nine hits and no walks with six strikeouts.

As of April 22, Phelps pitched two shutout innings for the Devil Rays, giving up no hits and no walks.

04-24-01, 08:00 AM
i don't thinks it's much of a record anyway.. lots of people go undrafted and still make it to the majors..

04-24-01, 11:37 AM
It would have been something to tell the grandkids.