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04-24-00, 03:12 PM
i gotta put non yanks in there cause if your like me your favorite player probably goes by the name of,


so tell me who's your favs... here's my list:

favorite non yanks:
1) Guerrero (Power, Arm, High Average, Speed, Composure, Clutch)

2) big unit (era, k’s, ba agst, intimidation, simply the BEST)

3)Bonds (power, arm, avg, brains, speed, offense and especially dee, he’s the man...)

4) Pudge (dee and knowledge unmatched at his position, now has offense to match in power, avg
and speed)

5) R. Alomar (dee and knowledge unmatched at his position, and on offense a switchhitting
bernie clone)

6) Larkin (superior dee and knowledge at his position, on offense one of the more well rounded
players in the game)

7) Gonzo (POWER)

8) m williams (POWER)

9) Giles (great all around game on o and dee, has pop high average and smart player)

10) big hurt (POWER)

11) olerud (one of the most underrated players in the game, a master ful defender at first, and one
of, if not the best pure hitter in the game and makes seattle BETTER than the former highly
touted cf)

12) sosa (POWER)

13) magglio ordonez (POWER) tie manny (POWER)

14) green (5 tool)

15) bagwell (power, high avg, smart player)

16) mondesi (POWER)

17) Boomer (one of the best lefties this town has ever seen...)

18) smoltz (for a chophead, he ain’t so bad)

19) kent (another guy that doesn’t get the press, but puts up GREAT numbers year in and year

20) buhner (Buhner’s finally past the injuries and WILL finally realize all of his great potential
w/out that other guy to distract him that used to be in center...)

21) reese (great, great, great young fundamentally sound and talented player)

23) casey (olerud clone)

24) lowell (who’d we get for this kid again... just hope they can produce like I expect lowell will)

25) Bobby Bonilla (hey, anyone that hates the mutts can’t be all bad...)

04-24-00, 04:01 PM
I like Scott Rolen & Curt Schilling (and Bobby Abreu is a future MVP).

The Yanks got Yarnall (& a couple of other guys) for Lowell.

04-24-00, 05:40 PM
ANSKY39 good post my man, i've got a few. WELL there are a few, LEIBERTHAL AND ROLEN OF THE PHILLIES, MIKE BORDICK, MATT STAIRS HAH! THE RED SOX BLEW THAT ONE! VELARDE, RUSTY GREER, and I'LL tell you what for pitchers RANDY JOHNSON is just unbeleivable he amazes me, in fact everyone talk's about PEDRO, BUT THE BIG UNIT is just as good and more. I just saw PHIL garner on up close, now there was a guy who was tough and could play the bag. THERE are some more I could name but i'll just put a few here, although like the rest of us our favorites are YANK'S, and beleive me I think BERNIE , PAUL , TINO, JETER, and you gotta throw in BROSIUS at the bag, he's great there, I truly think they are the best at there position's and at the plate especially in the clutch, but the game of baseball has alot of good talent out there and alot of players I really enjoy watching, you just cannot help it, there is a kid for the WHITE SOX his name is CHRIS SINGLETON, he's good now but in a few he's gonna be great.

04-24-00, 08:05 PM
http://www.cliftoncopper.com/yankees/David Wells/wells1336.jpg


And then there is Tony Gywnn, Eli Marrero, The Big Unit, Eric Milton,Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Matt Mantei and Jay Bell

T :cool: 24

04-24-00, 08:45 PM
A39, you have waaaay too much time on your hands! ;)

I like Arod. I think he is a better shortstop then DJ.

Thats it. I am loyal to my boys.. but Arod is by far a better all around shortstop.. sorry Derek! :(

04-24-00, 08:51 PM
okay, mrs. rodriguez :p

Yankee Mike
04-24-00, 08:59 PM
Not including previous Yankees, (and don't shoot...) I've always liked Cal Ripken. Reason? Endurance. And hey, he's a good guy, too.

I also like A-Rod, Sosa, and Tony Gwynn.

04-24-00, 09:31 PM
I've been a fan of Big Mac since the 84 olympics. I don't even have any memories of the team, I just know that he was a part of it. I know i'll probably get some greif for this one, but I love to watch Vizquel and Alomar turn the DP. Man, those guys are smooth! And I know he was once a Yank, but man I love Boomer! I was as shocked as he was when he got traded.

04-24-00, 11:11 PM
Lets see here, my non favorite Yanks. Ted Williams goes up there. Does David Wells count? Mark McGwire is now on my list. Thats all I can think of right now.

04-25-00, 10:29 AM
damn, i forgot about vizquel...

i know what ya mean pat, those two are the best duo at short and second on dee... no knock on jete and knobby, but knobby's gotta get back to that g/g level...

then there's the reese / larkin duo... the mutts had a comparable duo at ss and 2b last seas but blew it by replacing olerud w/ that bum zeile.

hey clip, no knock but uh, i'd say the future mvp in the nl is already reserved for my man vladi... abreu is a great talent nonetheless.

arod??? yuk!!! ;)

///I think BERNIE , PAUL , TINO, JETER, and you gotta throw in BROSIUS at the bag, he's great there, I truly think they are the best at there position's and at the plate especially in the clutch,///



04-25-00, 11:20 AM
I'll never be able to think of Wells and Girardi as "non-Yankees".

Favorite non-yanks: I've always liked B.J. Surhoff, Tony Gwynn, and I even like Kevin Brown. And Nomar.

04-25-00, 04:02 PM
Arod yuck???

Ansky39, come on, you can think of a better come back then that? Please, don't hold back on my account! Give it to me! Whats so yucky about the most powerful, fastest, sexiest, had to slip that in ;), shortstop in the majors?

Yankee Fan Sedere in equo
04-29-00, 12:06 PM
I've always appreciated Matt Lawton of the Twins. I met him a couple of summers ago after a Twins' home game and he was a class act, plus when he's on the field he always hustles, which is a sure way into my heart. Jeff Reboulet is the same. Neither are superstars, but are classy and play hard.

As far as others go, Tony Gwynn, John Smoltz, and Jason Kendall are stars, well behaved, and well spoken.

04-29-00, 12:58 PM
Sammy Sosa, Matt Williams,Pudge Rodriguez, Shawn Green, and Larry Walker. There are probably others, especially Girardi and Wells, but like Maureen said, they'll always be Yankees to me.

05-02-00, 02:05 PM
I've been saying for years, "all I want for Christmas is Pudge Rodriguez." I think he is by far the premier catcher in the game today, and his attitude and professionalism, despite quite a few heart-breaking losses at the hands of our beloved Yankees, have impressed me immensely. I really think he would fit in well with our team now.

I don't mind Sosa and Big Mac either -- I guess 'cause they're in the Nat'l. League and can't hurt us.

Of course, I'll always love Boomer, Girardi, Chad Curtis, Wetteland, etc. And I really miss and appreciate Homer Bush. I always wish them all well. . . except when they're playing the Yanks.

- Maureen

05-05-00, 09:56 AM
Quite a list there A39! Jeez!

Here are a few of mine...
Jim Thome. He's just got that old school way about him.

Palmeiro. One of the best hitters of all-time.

Mo Vaughn. Great community guy...mountain of a man.

Nomar. Gotta give it to him. He's clutch and a good guy to boot.

Travis Fryman. Blue-collar player...real gritty. Read this excerpt from his profile on ESPN.com...

Last year Fryman played 85 games because he tore the posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee on July 3. The gritty Fryman returned to the lineup September 2, wearing a brace on his knee. He got hot toward the end of the month and started all five games at third base in the Division Series...
An intelligent runner when healthy, he was slowed considerably by the brace. Still, he continued to slide into second base so hard to break up double plays that he bent his knee brace at least once.

Will Clark. Another old-school type guy. LOVE the scowl.

Hideki Irabu. HAH! Just makin' sure you're payin' attention!

05-05-00, 10:17 AM
KFP how could you...

all i see is a injun, a ranger and ex "o," an ex sox, & worse a current sox, another injun and a fat pu__y toad...

i dunno kfp, sure you ain't sympathizing w/ the enemy :D

i used to like raffy til he got that bogus gold glove last year and actually said he was proud to win it or something... now i'm a biased disgruntled tino supporting blueblodded yanks fan who can't stand the bum... plus, he's getting out played on his own team at first and at the plate by journeyman segui...

re: the others, about the only one i kinda like is thome... but he sacres the isht out of me when we gotta face him...

later kfp, have a good weekend...

05-15-00, 12:07 PM
Hey, so I'm not alone in being a big Scott Rolen fan!:)
I also like Rico Brogna (YAY PHILLIES!)

Brady Anderson (the only Oriole I don't mind rooting for)

Shawn Green

Craig Biggio (he has an awesome personality!)


Girardi (wasn't my favorite on the team, but now that he's gone I still root for him)

Andy Fox

And don't kill me, but I always kinda liked Tom Glavine, Todd Zeile and Nomar.

05-19-00, 10:17 AM
I like A-Rod, Shawn Green, John Smoltz, and that 37-year-old ex-high school coach who pitches for the D-Rays in relief. ;)

(YF "I'm sorry, I like that story!" 36)

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05-19-00, 06:46 PM
Mike Mussina

Sammy Sosa

Randy Johnson

Nomar Garciappara

Kerry Wood

Cal Ripken

05-25-00, 11:39 PM
In no particular order:

David Wells
Kevin Brown
Randy Johnson (He and Brown are just naaaaasty)
Cal Ripken
Mark McGwire
Jim Edmonds (I can't help it. I love the guy)
Joe Girardi
Sammy Sosa
Tom Glavin and John Smoltz (Good guys who speak honestly)
Greg Vaughn
Mo Vaughn

05-27-00, 10:50 PM
Freddy Garcia (I love you lots, get well soon!~)
Girardi (he's still a yankee in my mind same as boomer)
retired, Wade Boggs
Johnny O
Mike Cameron
Jamie Moyer
Nomar (he's a great sport)
Edgar Martinez (I love you Edgar!)
Dan Wilson
Jay Buhner (We love you Bone!)
David Bell
Jose Paniagua

~See anything in common? I'm a Mariners fan!~
Go Mariners!!!

05-28-00, 01:51 PM
David Wells
Joe Girardi
Randy Johnson
Mark McGwire
Sammy Sosa
Mike Piazza

05-31-00, 01:05 PM
I always loved Kirby Puckett, he was a class act. I was devastated when he got hurt.

Tony Gwynn also comes to mind.

I really go for those "old-school" types too. Like KFP said, Will Clark.

John Wetteland was a favorite of mine.

Rico Brogna is pretty cool, I talked to him at spring training this year and got his autograph.

I respect Omar Visquel, Arod, and Cal Ripken Jr.

Pudge is awesome.

Robin Ventura.

Gary DiSarcina.

Jim Thome.

Ozzie Smith.

All time non yankee= Roberto Clemente

06-01-00, 03:10 PM
Besides Joe Girardi other non-Yankees I enjoy watching are John Olerud, Todd Helton, A-Rod, Scott Rolen, Ben Grieve and Jeff Bagwell. As far as pitchers go I think it's so exciting to watch The Big Unit because he's so dominating and really intimidates hitters, even more so than Pedro Martinez. One young pitcher I enjoy watching is Rick Ankiel who could be something special in the future (and he can hit too!).