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04-19-01, 04:43 PM
just wondering...i was never a huge skateboarding fan...i thought it was something punks did in their free time, but after watching Tony skate a few years ago, i became a fan...anyone else a fan?

04-19-01, 04:57 PM
I know of him. Every time my wife sees him on TV, she always asks "how old is he?"

He seems to be quite a businessman, with all of the "birdhouse" stuff the skaters wear.

His commercial with Tom Green is hysterical.

04-19-01, 09:14 PM
Lucky dude Tony is the man if he where a graffitti writer he would be up on the #5 train

05-04-01, 12:26 AM
Hey, lucky!
Yeah, me too... the last famous boarder I remember is Tony ALVA! That's WAY back :lol::lol::lol:

But now that I've got kids, they've got me back on wheels & boards again (skateboard, inline,surf...) I've been spending a lot of time with horses the last few years, but I'm having fun skateboarding & such too! (Thanks especially to my 7 yr. old son, who by the way is also an AVID bmx'er, AND is in his first year of Little League! He's no Derk Jeter yet, but he's havin' a ball!)

Yeah, and I think Tony Hawk is a fantastic example for the kids too, as he always has all the gear on... I keep telling my kids this, as they think TH is just the coolest thing to twist air since the wind tunnel!

Say, if you guys like some cool skate & snowboard & surf video set to music, watch G-Rock on TBN Sat. nights--- it's like between 9:00 & 10:00 out here on the Left Coast... I know, I don't always agree with all the programming TBN runs, it ain't ALL Biblical, and the silly "bluehairs" get outta hand sometimes, but G-Rock is awesome!
Check it out!! :-)

~~gehrig's girl

05-04-01, 12:36 AM
He's no Derk Jeter yet, but he's havin' a ball!)

OOOOH, yuk--- sorry all!! DEREK is certainly not a DERK!!

Whatta yutz!! :rolleyes::o

y'all knew who I meant, anyhow, right? ;)

~~gehrig's girl

05-04-01, 12:38 AM
None o' these are Tony Hawk except for the Milk Ad, but here ya go, enjoy!!

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