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04-19-01, 03:21 PM
I signed up a couple of months ago, and apologize for not introducing myself sooner.

I've been a diehard Yankee fan for a long time. I was lucky enough to have witnessed, in person, Chris Chambliss' homer that beat the Royals in the playoffs, and I was at Shea for Game 5 last year when the Yanks clinched.

It's great to be among so many great Yankee fans.

04-19-01, 03:31 PM

Two awesome and historic moments you witnessed.

I'm especially jealous of you being at Chambliss' HR.

Have a seat, let's talk about the Yankees.

04-19-01, 03:55 PM
Chris, I went to all 3 of the Yankee-Royal playoff gamnes that year. Last year's Game 5 was my first WS game.

Lefty Gomez
04-19-01, 05:28 PM
Welcome to the Forum kennyj, Happy Posting To You!

04-19-01, 06:05 PM
Welcome, kennyj! Happy posting! :D

Monica :)

# 21 Forever
04-19-01, 09:11 PM
Welcome kennyj!

04-20-01, 03:00 AM
Welcome KennyJ!

Glad to hear your a Die Hard Yankee Fan!

Well Enjoy this Site & Post On!!!!

04-20-01, 09:48 AM
Welcome aboard, kennyj! We promise you'll love it here!

Go forth and post! :D

04-20-01, 11:27 AM
:) Welcome! :)

04-20-01, 12:13 PM
Thanks all.

04-20-01, 02:02 PM
Hey kennyj!! I am totally jealous that you were at Game 5, but that is great because I know you cheered our team good and loud!! :D

04-20-01, 02:35 PM
hey kennyj -- great to have another die-hard here!!

It wasn't my first WS game, but the only one I went to last year was Game 4 at Shea....where Jeter led off with the homer...the worst part is, the vendor that gave them to me gave me a choice of games 4 or 5 and I chose game 4, not so much because I was thinking sweep, but the seats were better!! Oh, well...I still had an awesome time at the game and the next night dancing around my living room!! :D

Welcome!! :)

04-20-01, 10:37 PM
Welcome Kenny! Nice to see someone else from Bayside here! Our mission...to prove that not everyone from Queens is a Mets fan, ha ha!! :lol:

Keep smiling and welcome...:)

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04-22-01, 01:15 PM
Welcome.I too had the pleasure of being at that historic game in 76 and the Yankees are now 10-0 against the mets when i ve been there,including all 4 Yankee wins in the series.The one loss,was the one game i didnt go to. Love to see Yankee fans here from the seventies

04-23-01, 01:21 PM
Do you ever go out in Bayside? Some of my friends own local establishments on the Boulevard.

It's a nice area, but there are too many Met fans. Now it's OK because we have bragging rights.

LL78, please don't miss any more Yankee-Met games.

04-24-01, 05:24 PM
Kenny - I will private message you - I think we know a lot of the same people!

Keep smiling...:)

05-20-01, 01:56 AM
Welcome kennyj!!! :D