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04-17-01, 07:18 PM
Hey everybody! I'm new to Bronx-Bombers and I'm looking to make some friends. I'm in Georgia so most of my friends are Braves fans. (We don't talk much baseball :) I'm a hardcore Yanks fan so come talk to me.......bye!

04-17-01, 07:19 PM

Nice to have you here

04-17-01, 07:20 PM
Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your time here! :D

Monica :)

04-17-01, 07:21 PM
Hello and welcome...I know what you mean about the Braves' fans, we have a lot of them here in Florida also :barf:

There's lots of good Yankee talk here, you'll love it :D

Kim :)

04-17-01, 08:02 PM
Welcome Petatz20!!!

Dont feel bad feel Great! Cause there is nothing like a Yankeefan!!!
Im a lifelong Yankeefan among Angel & Dodger Fans but ya know there are a few more Yankee fans out here you see them every Yankee Series at Edison (Angels) Field!


Lefty Gomez
04-17-01, 08:47 PM
Welcome to the Forum petalz20! Post well, post often :D

04-17-01, 09:21 PM
Welcome aboard!

04-18-01, 02:53 AM
Nice to have a Georgia peach amongst us!! Welcome!! :)

04-18-01, 10:02 AM
Welcome...I used to live in Atlanta.....Don't you hate it when they change the word brave to Braves in the national anthem

04-18-01, 10:17 AM
:) Welcome! :)

04-18-01, 01:08 PM
Welcome aboard petalz20! :)

O'Neill Fan
04-18-01, 09:14 PM
Welcome!! :)

# 21 Forever
04-19-01, 08:22 AM
Welcome! The more Yankees fans the better!

04-19-01, 04:23 PM
welcome petalz! how'd you escape being a Braves fan?

04-20-01, 10:38 PM
Welcome aboard, petalz! Nice to see another faraway Yanks fan here!

Keep smiling and welcome...:)

04-21-01, 01:23 AM
welcome petalz I know what you mean I'm out here in the Florida side of the border and it's braves land out here too! But I have alot fun with the braves fans talking trash to each other.