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04-19-00, 07:08 PM
Welcome to the new forum! You will notice that it is almost the same, but better in many ways.

If anybody has any problems with ANY aspect of the forum, PLEASE let me know. Even if you have any comments, suggestions, anything.


04-19-00, 07:31 PM
This is awesome, and weird! I am going to have to get use to this! I love the fonts ;)

Ok, I tried to access a post and it said I was either denied access or I hadn't registered! I am convinced Jim that you truly hate me and are trying everything in your power to ban me, but you can't cause Ansky39 would hurt you! ;) :p

04-19-00, 07:34 PM
Kim, you need to give me details. I'm sure there will be bugs, so I want to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Could you tell me what you were doing when you got that message, and what the message said?


PS: All the profile, quote, email, etc. icons are all at the bottoms of the posts now...

04-19-00, 07:35 PM
Hi Jim,

Everything seems to be working fine, thanks for all your work and effort that you put into Bronx-Bombers. I have a question, the "Currently Active Users" feature, what is it and how does it work? Thanks, Mike

04-19-00, 07:41 PM
It is not happening now, but when I first tried to reply to a post it told me I could not access the forum. I was either not allowed access, or I had not registered! I entered my user name and password where it was provided and BOOM~ it worked! It is still working so I suppose I just needed to enter my password and username again with the new set up!

04-19-00, 07:41 PM
Thanks Mike!

bxny & BTHL: This forum works a little different. You log in when you first enter the board. If you store your User Name and Password, you'll be logged in automatically. If you don't store your UN & PW, you'll have to enter once when you first want to post.

The currently active users list lists everyone who is currently logged in. It is real easy to "hide", if you'd like, by just going into your profile. You can disable being displayed in the current list.

It's just a way to know who else is around. It doesn't show anyone who is not "logged in".

Hope this helps!

04-19-00, 10:41 PM
Hi Jim, It works great but I have trouble reading the post titles. The light blue doesn't really show up that well against the blue backround. It's a lot faster though. Thanks.

04-19-00, 11:01 PM
Which post titles? On the forum listings, or in the replies? Regardless, all the colors should be the same as they were on the old forum.

Please let me know so I can work this out.


04-20-00, 07:24 AM
I like it, except for one thing, it's huge! I have to keep scrolling back and forth side to side in order to read the messages. I'm getting sea sick. Is it because I only have 15" monitor or what? I especially like the Preview button though. Nice way to catch typos before they get posted.

04-20-00, 07:38 AM
As Seahorse and Orangemom have said before me, I'm having a 'very hard time' reading the blue on blue topic titles and also scrolling back and forth to read all the replies!! :( It's really hard and giving me a headache. I hope that you'll be able to fix that!! I'm kinda glad that I'm not the only one having these problems because it's a little frustrating.....other than that, it's looks good!!

04-20-00, 09:03 AM

04-20-00, 09:18 AM
Please Read This:


Also, I still don't understand what everybody means by "blue on blue" topic titles.

Please explain in a little more depth please.

04-20-00, 09:25 AM
Ok, I have fixed the "scrolling" problem, as you can probably already see.

However, I still don't understand the situation with the topic titles.

04-20-00, 09:33 AM
Those of you that are having difficulties with the topic title; do you happen to be using Netscrape?

If you can, try it in IE. I had to start Netscrape up to see what you were talking about. I've been in contact with the manufacturer about this.

04-20-00, 09:47 AM
Hi Jim,

First, thanks for fixing the scrolling problem....This is GREAT...much easier to read now!! :) :) :) :) ....as for the 'blue on blue'....well, when you click into the forum that you want and get into that forum, all the 'Topic Threads' are in 'blue' (it's a kinda bright blue)and they are on the dark navy blue background and
'extremely hard to read'. The rest of the text is in white, except for the 'topic threads'....and some of the small text on the bottom of the page. I really don't know how else I can explain it. Maybe Seahorse can do a better job because he seems to have that same problem...and I'm computer illiterate. I'm assuming that the text is all white on your computer???????

04-20-00, 09:52 AM
Thanks for the explanation!

It's all white when I use Internet Explorer, but not when I use Netscape. Then I can see what you all mean. I'm still trying to do some digging, and will fix this ASAP.

Thanks for your patience!

PS: If you look at the very bottom of the forum, it will say that this is version 1.1.0 that means this is the FIRST release of this software. Inevitably, there are going to be some qwirks to work out. But they WILL be worked out.

04-20-00, 09:52 AM
once you click on the topic and the topic is read, the color of the text turns to purple.....the lower right corner where the Admin Options are...I can't even read because the text is blue.

04-20-00, 10:05 AM
Thanks Jim, it's perfect now as far as I can see.

04-20-00, 10:20 AM
No problem, Jim. I know that you'll do your best to do whatever has to be done to make this an even better...or I should say, the best place to visit....and I know it takes time....and...you've done a great job, so far!! :) :) :)

And yes, I use Netscape so I guess that's where the problem is. Oh well...

04-20-00, 03:16 PM
Hi Jim,

When I tried to edit a spelling error in my last post I received this message: "The admisitrator has specified that you can only edit messages for 1440 minutes after you have posted. This limit has expired, so you must contact the administrator to make alterations on your message." Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks, Mike

04-20-00, 03:28 PM
You da'man Jim!

04-20-00, 04:55 PM
I LOVE it! Keep up the great work.

26 in '00

04-20-00, 08:41 PM
Good job Jim, it seems to be fine. One question. It may have been asked but where is 'Preferences'?

04-21-00, 07:15 AM
Ditto bxny, I tried to edit something, like 30 seconds after I posted it and it wouldn't let me. Said I only had 1440 minutes. Man, those are fast minutes. LOL

04-21-00, 11:50 AM
hey Jimbo,
All is great! I have a couple questions and concerns though. The PM's are not easy to get to. If you make a link on your main page or the forum page that will be very helpful.
I noticed that the scoreboard is not always up to date with the current score. I have experience in web page design. I could help ya out on that! Just a suggestion
Somebody before this post mentioned something about font size and you have to scroll forever. One thing I learned in web page design is that long scrolls are not good for a page. it makes it look ugly! Table are what helps make the scrolls look great. Like I said I have experience in thisfield. I could help ya out tremondously! I am always on the net and would give anything to help make this site a smash hit just like the Yanks.
Tell me what ya think. If you feel like you wanna get personal just email me at butnud@hotmail.com. Until next time.......


04-21-00, 12:52 PM
Smiley faces? Any chance of getting the little menu back?
I've come to depend on them. They help with my self expression.

04-21-00, 12:56 PM
I think the clock in the editing feature is fast.

04-21-00, 01:01 PM
Maybe put the "Forum Intro" button on the top of the page also, next to profile?

04-21-00, 02:15 PM
I miss the smilies too! :(

04-21-00, 08:27 PM
I meant to say that they help me express myself - if you know what I mean. Beyond that some of the post titles are showing up in white now - notably's Nome's post.

04-23-00, 10:01 AM
Never mind about the forum button. I wish the edit feature worked better. People are going to think I'm some illiterate slob soon, if they don't already.

04-23-00, 10:18 AM
Yeah the edit button don't work and I couldnt fix my tongue sticky out guy. :( Oh well.. I am sure Jim will be on it when he gets back!

04-25-00, 07:47 PM
I know I am forgetting some issues, but will attempt to address everyone.

SMILIES: Will return, but I wanted to get everything else worked out before I dealt with something insignificant like that.

EDITING: I attempted to do away with the "[This Message Has Been Edited by XXXX on x-x-xxxx]" that went along with editing posts. In exchange, I put a time limit on the amount of time you could take to edit posts; 1440 min (or 1 day). I have removed this, and have made it be "normal", so you'll get the "edited by's" after every edit.

PREFERENCES: There aren't any more. (kidding) You will find all your preferences under "profile". There are some more options now in there.

I hope I didn't forget anything. If I did, please post a NEW TOPIC about your problem, so that I can more accurately address everyone.

I apologize to everyone for all the problems, they are being worked on.


04-25-00, 07:59 PM
Great to have you back Jim. Hope you had a nice holiday.

04-25-00, 10:00 PM
Eh, I don't go for too much of that type of stuff, but my family does. It is always great to spend time with them.

On that note, I will ask that anyone who has a "situation" to please post a new, individual topic so that I can address it properly.

The manufacturer is aware of the problems, and the other customers have been experiencing the same, so it should be an easy fix. I anticipate an upgrade to the fixed version within the week.

Thanks everyone for your patience.