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04-12-00, 10:07 PM
Upon realizing that nobody had posted anything in the "Player Gossip" forum in over a week, I decided to close it since it was just taking up space.

Consequently, all the topics that were in that forum have been transferred to Yankees Discussion.

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04-12-00, 10:21 PM
Upon realizing that there was no need for a separate forum for Yankees Prospects, I decided to close the "Trading Block and Prospects" forum.

Consequetly, all topics were transferred to Yankees Discussion.

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04-12-00, 10:51 PM
What happened to the message board thingy Jim? You had my interest I was all for that!

The Forum layout is looking better and better! Keep up the great work Jimbo!!!!

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04-13-00, 12:12 AM
Yeah, I agree about the player gossips thing! It was way under used and didnt seem to hold much interest! Personally, I am not interested in any gossip, just baseball and chatting with everyone here in the just convo section. I swear Jim you made that section with me in mind! http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif


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