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03-02-00, 12:29 PM

Did my stating that I made cash (and very, very little cash... I've been writing 6 months and haven't gotten my first paycheck yet) off of that article being accessed bother you? I was just making a joke...

Can I either a) delete the part about me getting $$ or b) delete the link and cut and paste the article? I'd like commentary on that article and I think it'd make an interesting discussion.

(YF "let me know, please" 36)


03-02-00, 12:30 PM
I only moved it to "About The Game". Sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought it was better suited for that forum, since it was more about the general aspect of the game, rather than its teams. At the very top of the closed thread, there should have been a note referencing the fact that it was only moved.


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03-02-00, 06:25 PM
Oh... oops. *Britt blushes*

I gotcha, and that makes sense.

Is that "About the Game" forum new, by the way?

(YF "gotta be more observant!" 36)