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04-06-01, 09:07 AM
OK all you fisherpersons out there. Get out your gear; wash down the fishing poles, lubricate the reels checking the drag, sharpen the hooks and get out in the backyard and dig up some earthworms for tomorrows NJ opening day of trout fishing.

Darn, I have to go early tomorrow morning to Baltimore for the weekend but I will be on the stream on Monday.

Next Saturday (April 14th) is opening Day in PA. I have made that one more times than I can remember, but alas, I will miss that one also waiting till May for my first taste of PA fishing.

Then in early May I plan to try my luck for some trophy Brown Trout on NY's Peapacton Resorviour.

Fishing is one of the most relaxing, stress reducing activities I know. Many people say they get bored fishing. Me - never. They say that 10% of the fisherpeople catch 90% of the fish. True, because the successful ones immerse themselfs into the activity concentrating on each cast, and concentrating on how to catch that elusive quarry. I find fishing allows me to drive everything out of my mind except for the task at hand, and at the end of the day, I find my pulse rate and blood pressure lowered significently due to the relaxing effect of this activity on me.

I used to tell people when I was working that whenever stress overtook me, I went fishing. It was less costly and more rewarding and effective than seeing a psychiatrist.

Hope to see you out there on the waters. I'll be the one with the full stringer.

Jim F.
04-06-01, 11:06 AM
whenever stress overtakes me, I watch baseball :)

That's actually how I got back into after the '94 strike. I was going through some stresfull times, and found that watching baseball (especially minor league baseball) was a great way to relax and not think about things.

Fishing? I get bored. But I'm ADD, so that's natural... :)


04-06-01, 11:56 AM

that's why GOD made people with different interests. If everyone liked fishing the rivers and lakes would be wall to wall with people and not enough fidsh to go around. Or if everyone liked golf or skiiing, you get the idea