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Lefty Gomez
03-30-01, 12:02 PM
Hi folks,

I've changed my username from "M&M" to "Lefty Gomez" to avoid any confusion from the similarity to M&M61's name.

It's still the same old me, not too quick on the uptake but still full of pee and vinegar.

Why "Lefty Gomez" you ask? Well, I'm a southpaw who looks like the Addams Family patriarch (no, not Uncle Fester, sheeesh!).

Actually, Lefty Gomez was the only ballplayer the great Joe DiMaggio would allow to razz him, to needle him a bit. He was a heck of a pitcher who is in the Hall of Fame.

Anyway, I'm starting over from scratch just in time for the 2001 season! I'm pumped!


p.s. thanks for your help Jim-

03-30-01, 03:21 PM
We welcome the new you!

03-30-01, 07:09 PM
I guess I'm the "good penny", then?;)


Jim F.
03-30-01, 07:58 PM
Originally posted by Lefty Gomez
p.s. thanks for your help Jim-

no problem :)


03-31-01, 05:57 PM
Welcome to you and your new name! :)

04-05-01, 05:39 PM
Hi Lefty Gomez!

I remember you as our second M& M!

Love the Name remember?

But I also remember Lefty Gomez too & also the TV show the Addams family!

And to top all that off Im also a Southpaw! Just wish I could hit the ball with the bat a little better! LOL!

Ok Thanks for letting us know your new name change!

04-09-01, 07:05 AM
M&M? Get tired of that thin candy shell? ;)
Lefty Gomez has a nice ring to it...but it always makes me think of Morticia...just me, I'm warped! Hello to you again! :)