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07-10-04, 11:56 PM
I think this goes here, if not move it Mods. I was wondering if any research has been done in determining if aging players are more susceptible to getting injured then young players. I guess the question is, is their more risk for older players to get injured than younger players. Say everyone 35 and younger would be considered "young" and 35+ would be "old."

07-11-04, 01:18 AM

February 26, 2003
The Injury Nexus
A Look at Pitcher Injuries

by Nate Silver and Will Carroll


For the very young pitchers in our study--ages 21 and 22--the risk of injury is significantly higher, in excess of 20 percent. Injury rate then drops dramatically as a pitcher matures physically, reaching its lowest point at roughly age 24, while rising gradually throughout the remainder of his career. (Although pitchers aged 37 and up appear in the chart to be as vulnerable to injury as very young ones, that is also the age at which pitchers will begin to retire voluntarily. The uptick in injury risk at the tail end of a pitcher's career is probably not as substantial as what is implied here).


07-11-04, 01:31 AM
Thanks. I was looking for all players overall not just pitchers. I guess a statistic that measured amount of injuries to those who didn't get injured under a certain age and those above that ceratin age. I guess I am looking for a percentage of each and if in fact the percentage of those players over a specified age get injured more than those under it. ...