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02-18-00, 09:25 AM
I've often wondered why managers don't "surprise" their opponents by switching starting pitchers just before the game begins (but just after the lineups have been announced).

This could be used when playing a team that uses a large number of lefty-righty platoons in its lineup. If you announce that you're going to start a righty, they use their left-handed line-up. When you hand in your line-up card, you have your lefty instead. The opponent is left with a poor choice of pinch-hitting early in the game, burning much of his bench, or using a poorly-matched line-up.

I realize that you can't run this switch too often, but I would think you could pull it out in critical spots pretty effectively.

Can someone tell me what I'm missing on this one? It seems so easy, so there must be a reason teams don't do it.

02-18-00, 10:03 AM
i don't know, but that is an interesting concept. i also see what your saying, say your starting a right hander if a majority of their hitters are left handed and then switch the pitcher to a left hander at game time so it is to their disadvantage. there has to be some reason as to why its not done, because i don't think i've ever seen it done for that reason. the only reason i can think of is maybe it will screw up your rotation if you just switch your pitchers around in a moments notice. i don't know, so i guess i really didn't answer your question. hopefully someone with more insight will respond to this post, because i'm now interested in the reason also!

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02-18-00, 03:33 PM
Hey clipper, that's devious, you should be ashamed of yourself....I like it! http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/smile.gif

I could see this working on a team that is having injury problems, where their options are limited. But before I would consider using a tactic like this it would have to be in a meaningful game (pennant race, playoff game, etc.), in which case, a team playing in a meaningful game, barring injury, would probably be able to adjust.

Interesting question.


02-20-00, 04:47 PM
Hey Clipper, along the same lines, I know a guy that can hit, catch and throw both right and left handed equaly well. Can you see what someone like that could do for a team or agenst a team. wouldnt make any diference what your line up or pitching looked like. if this guy pitched he could go either way and if he was hitting it wouldnt matter if the other team was using a right or a left handed pitcher.


02-21-00, 05:46 PM
Silverwolf, it depends on how good he can hit...



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02-21-00, 09:39 PM
hey jim, the guy I know is good, the way he hits, it's like there is no bad pitch. I met him when I was in grade school, he was offered a contract when he was in collage but he went into the air force. he was a coach on one of the teams i played on in high school. the guy is in his early 60's now but still coaches and he can still hit. he also still throws in the low 90's. gess the longevity comes from coaching and not being in the big's. he is something to see.


02-22-00, 07:21 AM
Hey clipper, sorry for the transgrestion from your original post. The managers can not pull a surprise switch because according to rule 3.05 (a-c) the pitcher named in the line-up must pitch to the first batter untill the batter is out or reaches base. However there is nothing saying that you cannot replace the pitcher after the first batter. You would have to find a pitcher that would be willing to sacrafice his win - loss as a pitcher must compleat 5 innings in order to be elegable to record the win.


02-22-00, 07:35 AM
Yeah, but is there anything to prevent a team from handing in a line-up card (at the plate, just before the game) that has a surprise pitcher in it? By then, it would be too late for the opposing manager to change his lineup.

Or is there some rule that the line-ups (or at least starting pitchers) exchanged at game time (when the control of the game is handed to the umpire) must be announced at some earlier time?

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02-22-00, 08:30 AM
Clipper, An interesting thing along the lines you talk about, in 1917 the Red Sox were playing against the Washington Senators. Babe Ruth pitching for the Sox, walked the first batter, Ray Morgan. Ruth became so incensed with the walk that the umpire threw him out of the game. Ernie Shore (a right hander - Ruth of course was a left handed Pitcher)came in to replace Ruth. As he was pitching to the second batter he picked off Morgan at first. Shore then proceeded to retire the next 26 batters in a row.
For over 50 years this was considered to be a perfect game until the rules committee, in the 1980's I believe, took the perfect game status away from this gem.

Ruth in 1917, appearing in 41 games as a pitcher was 24-13 with a 2.01 ERA and Shore was 13-10 with a 2.22 ERA.
Ruth played in a total of 52 games that year appearing as a PH in addition to his pitching appearances and hit .325 with a career low of 12 HR's.


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02-22-00, 11:12 PM
OK Clipper I looked in the rule book and up untill the cards are given to the umpire the pitcher and batting order does not have to be anounced. so if a manager wanted he could just set his line up and pitcher and not anounce it at all except to his players. he'd get a bad rep as being unfair but what the heck, might make for more interesting games if the other team does'nt know how to match up his hitters to the others pitchers or his pitcher to the other teams batters.
Ask me sometime about my ideas about some rules that i would put into being for the game if i could.