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03-18-01, 07:59 PM
Unbelievable! Who woulda thunk it?

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ Penn State's players were dancing at the buzzer, having jolted North Carolina with one of the biggest upsets in the NCAA tournament.

The 82-74 victory came against a Tar Heels team that advanced to the Final Four last year and sent the Nittany Lions to the round of 16 for the first time since 1955.

Titus Ivory and Joe Crispin each scored 21 points for seventh-seeded Penn State (21-11). Gyasi Cline-Heard added 19 points.

Second-seeded North Carolina (26-7) outshot the Lions 47 percent to 44 percent and outrebounded them 44-33. But Penn State had 18 steels and only 11 turnovers compared to the Tar Heels' five steals and 22 turnovers.

It's the first time this season North Carolina has lost when outshooting an opponent.

Julius Peppers led North Carolina with 21 points and 10 rebounds. Haywood had 13 points and 13 rebounds. Jason Capel and Kris Lang each had 12 points.

The Tar Heels staggered at the end of a season that once looked so promising. They were ranked No. 1 and had an 18-game winning steak when they lost 75-65 to Clemson, the worst team in the Atlantic Coast Conference, on Feb. 18. That sent North Carolina into a tailspin that saw the team head into the NCAAs with four losses in its last eight games.

While the Tar Heels have been racking up 20-win seasons (20 in 31 years), trips to the NCAA tournament (27 straight) and national titles (3), Penn State has been a basketball nonentity. The Nittany Lions have no conference championships, no All-Americans, no current players in the NBA and only three NCAA Tournament appearances in the past 35 years.

The last time Penn State and North Carolina played, Tar Heels coach Matt Doherty was playing for Carolina.

At the start it looked like another blowout for Carolina, which advanced to the second round with a 70-48 victory over Princeton.

The Tar Heels took a 19-8 lead seven minutes into the game and owned the area under the baskets. Penn State didn't get an offensive rebound for the first 14 1/2 minutes of the game.

But the Nittany Lions had nine steals and only three turnovers in the first half to offset Carolina's 25-10 rebounding margin. Penn State also hit four 3-pointers and was only down by a point _ 40-39 _ at the break.

Penn State opened the second half with a 16-6 run and led 55-46 with 13:11 remaining.

Two minutes into the half, Cline-Heard and Ivory were both sent to the bench with three fouls. Joe and Jon Crispin made up for their absence. Joe Crispin scored seven of the 16 point run, Jon added two steals and a basket.

Over the first eight minutes of the second half, Carolina shot 25 percent from the field but took advantage of the Nittany Lions' foul trouble, making the most of their trips to the line. The Tar Heels were 6-of-8 from the line during a 16-7 run that tied it at 62 with 7:18 remaining.

Penn State, which beat Providence 69-59 in the first round, will play 11th-seeded Temple on Friday night. The Nittany Lions beat Temple 66-60 this season


Yeah, next up is Temple. The last time though, Temple didn't have Quincy Wadley. The kid from Harrisburg is tough.

Well, anything more is just icing on the cake. I can't wait for the next game. GO PSU!!!

03-19-01, 08:11 AM
THANK YOU for beating N.C., watching N.C. lose is alway's a treat cannot stand them, did not think they were as good as people thought, a better team last year.

03-19-01, 08:35 AM
tar heels played like a bunch of punks... doherty's a bum... forte's a wuss... that kid pepper was the only one worth watching...

03-19-01, 10:16 AM
That post subject of yours was simply a kick in the face that I didn't need.

I wear all black to work the day after the Tarheels are eliminated from the Tournament and the day after the Yanks are ousted from the playoffs. Luckily, I only have to do my Johnny Cash impersonation once a year.

Well, it's baseball season again, go Yanks!

03-19-01, 12:15 PM
That's what Doherty gets for leaving Notre Dame. It's all about Duke from here on out.... now if only Kentucky would lose.

03-19-01, 03:31 PM
Duke? Anyone but Duke, please!

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03-20-01, 09:35 AM
Well, if you want to have a good pro career, you go to UNC anyhow.
The real question now is "Will Shane Battier spare himself the embarrasment of being an NBA bust and go straight to the bench as a Duke assistant coach, or will he go through the formality of the NBA draft and 4 years of riding the pine?"


03-20-01, 09:49 AM
Originally posted by koko
Well, if you want to have a good pro career, you go to UNC anyhow.
The real question now is "Will Shane Battier spare himself the embarrasment of being an NBA bust and go straight to the bench as a Duke assistant coach, or will he go through the formality of the NBA draft and 4 years of riding the pine?"


Danny Ferry, paging Mr. Danny Ferry.....................

03-20-01, 03:56 PM
Battier or Trajan Langdon as my next assistant? The decisions Coach K has to make...

Not that being a bench player in the NBA is a rough life, but from the acclaim they get nationally, Duke players in general do not pan out.

03-21-01, 06:57 AM
probably 99% of college players don't pan out... the difference between college and the pro's is like night and day... i hate duke as much as the next guy, (or chick), but i wouldn't slam their program... they've got probabaly the best program in college basketball imho...

anyways, go terps, i got big dinero on them to make it to the final four, and i also got em winning the whole thing in my bracket...

03-21-01, 12:24 PM
Duke or Arizona are my picks. Not Stanford!

03-23-01, 08:04 AM
IS JASON WILLIAMS great or what? I thought HURLEY could shoot the light's out but this kid is a player who can just take the game over by himself, have not seen a college player do that in a while, got a tough one against USC, but this team is gonna beat BIBBY and his boy's.

03-23-01, 11:57 AM
As much as I hate Duke, Jason Williams is the best player in college HANDS DOWN. Too bad he backed out on Rutgers. We would have been a Top 15 program with him and Dahtay Jones. :(

03-23-01, 12:37 PM
KENTUCKY LOST!!! Thank goodness!!! Can't stand Tubby or his son, who looks like Prince. ARIZONA baby!