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04-07-00, 12:09 PM
Don't get me wrong, but I don't follow the Mets. The Yanks are 2-1 going into Seattle tonight. The only person has trouble with is Edgar. the Yanks can beat the Mariners. if the Mets wants to have that chance to play the Yanks in the world series, well then they better change theri way of playing because right now it doesn't look good. I know it is only the beginning of the season, but look at the Yanks, 2-1. the mets are 2-3. What does thattell ya? I really want a subway series. Come on Mets, get your act together so that can happen. Once you get there your season will be demolished because the yanks are better than you. hehehehehe

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04-07-00, 03:01 PM
what Hamption is 0-2! Could be another one who can't pitch in NY.


04-07-00, 11:13 PM
here's a recap of what my national league team, the mets, have done in their first two series of the season.

the mets 2000 season began in Japan. they split the two game series with the cubs. losing the first game 5-3, the losing pitcher was hampton. they won the second game 5-1 in the 11th inning on a grand slam by agbayani. winning pitcher was dennis cook.

the mets opened at shea with a three game series against the padres. they won the home opener 2-1 on a solo homer by derek bell in the 8th. leiter was the winning pitcher. they lost the second game 4-0. the losing pitcher was jones, he only lasted 2 2/3 innings. the mets lost again last night 8-5, the losing pitcher was hampton.

so the mets are 2-3 in their first 5 games of the season. they take on the dodgers this weekend at shea. leiter was scheduled to pitch on saturday, but was scratched from the start because of a strained groin from pitching against the padres on monday. his replacement hasn't been named as of yet. reed will pitch friday and rusch will pitch sunday.

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