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03-02-04, 12:23 PM
ESPN Radio just announced that former Reds owner Marge Schott is on life support. She entered the hospital for a knee ailment and other problems occured...

03-02-04, 12:24 PM
Story from ESPN.com:


03-02-04, 12:50 PM
I met her and the dog in Plant City in 1990.

I still can not believe she posed for this cover in 1996


03-02-04, 02:52 PM
ESPN Radio is announcing that she's passed away at age 75.

03-02-04, 03:01 PM
CNN is reporting that Marge Schott has died. She was 75.

03-02-04, 03:02 PM

03-02-04, 03:38 PM
Very anti Semitic woman...


Dave in MD
03-02-04, 03:45 PM
good. One less bigot in the world.

03-02-04, 04:01 PM
Originally posted by Dave in MD
good. One less bigot in the world.

You realize that your post stamps you as a bigot as well?

03-02-04, 04:07 PM
Originally posted by Dave in MD
good. One less bigot in the world.

Agreed. Good riddance.

Dooley Womack
03-02-04, 04:18 PM
She was an awful, hateful woman; a despicable human being; a Nazi who has praised Hitler.

Judgment day has come for her. R.I.P., Ms. Schott. Hope you like burning, hot temps.

03-02-04, 05:53 PM
Marge I think was not a bigot as much as ignorant.

She believed things to be because she was told so.

Cincinnati is a very conservative German-American town that has spawned Jerry Springer, Pete Rose and Don Zimmer.

Funny what I remember most about her is her being outraged Opening Day was cancelled after an umpire dropped dead behind the plate. She said they were 3 others, play on.

Ignorant, not a bigot. A female Archie Bunker.

03-02-04, 06:09 PM
I hate to say it, but, "Ding Dong! The Witch is dead!":bad:

03-02-04, 06:31 PM
Originally posted by nufced1918
Cincinnati is a very conservative German-American town that has spawned Jerry Springer, Pete Rose and Don Zimmer.

Wow. There are words I never thought I'd see together in a sentence. Conservative and Jerry Springer. :lol:

I can't say that I'm upset that Marge is dead. Every time she opened her mouth I just wanted to cringe......

03-02-04, 06:48 PM
Anyone that sees fit to praise Hitler is no great loss to humanity...

Williams' Head Case
03-02-04, 07:12 PM
Wow, would it be mean to say 'good'?

03-02-04, 07:27 PM
RIP Marge, but I sure as hell ain't gonna miss ya.

03-02-04, 07:27 PM
one down, Pat Robertson to go

03-02-04, 07:27 PM
Say Hi to Strom Thurmond.

Dooley Womack
03-02-04, 08:18 PM
Originally posted by VanHalen5150
one down, Pat Robertson to go


Bern Baby Be
03-03-04, 09:38 AM
She also said women had no place in business because they're too emotional. Maybe she was trying to refute that with all those statements she made. I didn't like the statements, of course but, as a woman, I did and do admire her for being able to buy a baseball team. I had thought she inherited it from her husband but that wasn't the case. She inherited some money from him and invested it wisely enough to be able to buy the team.

Yankee Bulldawg
03-03-04, 12:28 PM
anyone who said Hitler was a good man was crazy as far as i'm concerned. although i was never a big fan or Marge Schott i admire her business savy. i hate her for the fact that she made both ethnic and racial slurs. one less biggot in the world to worry about......thank god

03-03-04, 05:00 PM
I'm a lifelong Reds fan. Marge wasn't a saint, but she was far from evil. Was she controversial? Sure. Did she say ignorant things? Yup.

Not to excuse her, but we have to remember that Marge was from a different era, and you can't teach an old dog new tricks. My grandmother use to say some very ignorant racist things as well, but that didn't make her a bad person, it was the way she grew up.

What the national media isn't reporting is that Marge donated tons of her own money to many charities in and around Cincinnati. She was a major benefactor of the Cincinnati Zoo and gave to several schools. She loved children, and she loved the Reds.

Was she a terrible owner? I'll say this. She was the owner the last time the Reds won a World's Championship. That's all that needs to be said. I wish she was still the owner of the Reds.

On the topic of Hitler, what Marge said was that he was good in the beginning, but that he went too far. Many others of her generation felt the same way. After all, Hitler was Time's Man of the Year.

03-04-04, 10:12 AM
Thanks for the info savafan. I only know about her what I have heard.
Your input helps put things in perspective.