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03-27-00, 02:11 AM
Report: Rocker to be traded to Expos
March 27, 2000 03:05AM
SportsLine.com wire reports

HACKENSACK, N.J. -- The Atlanta Braves are about to trade away closer John Rocker, according to a published report.

The Record of Hackensack reports in Monday's editions that a "highly placed baseball official" said Atlanta and the Montreal Expos are on the verge of a deal that would swap Rocker for closer Ugueth Urbina.

The deal has been discussed all spring, but is getting closer to being finalized, the source told the newspaper.

The delay has been discussions about who else might be included. The Braves would prefer to make a straight swap, but the Expos want another pitcher, preferably starter Bruce Chen.

Urbina led the National League with 41 saves last year.

Rocker, who had 38 saves and a 2.49 ERA, was suspended for all of spring training and the first 28 days of the season by commissioner Bud Selig after the reliever's disparaging comments about minorities, gays and foreigners were published. But an arbitrator allowed him to report March 2 and cut the regular-season suspension to two weeks.

"Just watching the game, having a Bud..."

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03-27-00, 06:38 AM
IT'S a straight up trade, URBINA is awsome, well JOHNNY boy will still be in the stadium w/interleague play, thats if we play the expos this year.


03-27-00, 07:50 AM
sure, send him to my nl team http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif

your right about the trade maf... but I don't get why the expos would want to do it... wonder if something's up w/ urbina... I mean from the manager on down, the expos are loaded w/ "foreigners."

oh well guess I gotta do my homework...

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03-27-00, 08:14 AM
Well at least I ain't alone in not understanding the need for this trade for the expos...

Monday 27 March 2000
Rocker rumour won't go away
But trading Urbina for Braves' closer wouldn't sit well in clubhouse; Expos 8 Orioles 4
The Gazette
The persistent rumour about the trade that makes no sense resurfaced again yesterday.
Expos closer Ugueth Urbina for Atlanta Braves closer John Rocker - straight up, one for one, no other players involved.
A highly-placed baseball official said yesterday it was a done deal. In fact, it was a done deal that was supposed to be announced three days ago.
A Braves official said yesterday it was going to happen, that the offer was on the table for the Expos.
But Montreal owner Jeffrey Loria emphatically denied it - again. "It's not true. Absolutely not true," he said. "I've heard for weeks now about Urbina, Rocker, a combination. There's nothing on the table."
Does that mean it's definitely not going to happen - not now, not a week from now? "I can't say nothing is going to happen. We've gotten calls for a half a dozen players over the past few days. It's the end of spring training; all the what-ifs are going on," Loria said. "We do have the No. 1 closer in the National League, so there's absolutely no reason why we would have to do anything. I can't really comment about (the Braves), because it's a player who's not in our organization. I don't want to comment on other teams' players."
It goes without saying that this wouldn't be a popular trade in the Expos clubhouse. Players have publicly stated as much. It's not so much a matter of passing judgment on whether Rocker, who got into scalding water over the winter with some incendiary comments published in Sports Illustrated, is a good human being or not. It's more a matter of the heavy load of negative publicity he'll attract if he heads to Montreal - just when everything surrounding the team is finally so positive.
As well, Urbina has proven his worth and value to the team over the last three seasons. Rocker has had one good year. This potential trade would certainly be to the Braves' advantage, not the Expos'. While Urbina was sincere in praising Rocker's abilities yesterday, you get the feeling he'd be a little insulted if the trade was one-for-one.
An earlier version of the trade, which would have sent Urbina and a minor-leaguer to Atlanta for Rocker and highly regarded left-handed starter Bruce Chen, makes a whole lot more sense.
Meanwhile, the man on the hotseat pitched two innings in the Expos' 8-4 win over the Baltimore Orioles yesterday. He gave up four hits and two runs on a home run by Jeff Conine.
The outing, in which Urbina was handed a comfortable 8-2 lead as he began the eighth inning, was called "exercise" by manager Felipe Alou. "He was playing a little game, using all his pitches, not trying to overpower anybody," Alou said.
Urbina was in a great mood afterward, praising this year's team, chatting with reporters, signing autographs on his way out of the complex - and willing to bet that he wasn't going anywhere.
"I'm not going. I love it here. Now we have a real team, and a real owner," he said. "He likes to be with us. He talks to us, he's part of the team. That's the way it should be."
Some say the club is talking about trading Urbina because his agent declined to discuss a contract extension over the winter. With no guarantee ahead of time that Urbina will still be an Expo when the planned downtown stadium opens in 2002, the club could potentially lose its second-most-valuable commodity after Vladimir Guerrero - with nothing to show in return. Urbina still has a club option for the 2001 season before his deal is done.
Urbina said yesterday he wants to stay in Montreal another five years. But he doesn't want to discuss a new contract until the current one expires. "I just want to play, and I want to do well," he said. "I don't think anything's going to happen. I'm happy here."

--Courtesy Montreal Gazette

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03-27-00, 09:05 AM
Well, that's very interesting. I just got the results of my fantasy baseball team draft, and somehow I got stuck with Rocker. Now I really don't know what to do with him myself. Ahhh the dilemas of a major league GM.

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03-27-00, 09:54 AM
ORANGEMOM waive him and pick up KEITH FOULKE from the WHITE SOX, the guy had a era under 2.30 last year and can strike out some people, alot of people do not know him but i'm sure he's available, I picked him up just a few day's ago off waivers, do it now!


03-27-00, 12:39 PM
Any freaking team inm baseball who wants the bum should be shot. he is a racist SOB and their is nobody out there who deserves such an IDIOT. Sure others might suck and need a closer, but ROCKER. Come on! Shoot I can be a closer and I suck, but hey I am not a racist.

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03-27-00, 03:34 PM
interesting, this is the first i've heard of this. sending rocker to canada for awhile sounds like a good idea, let them deal with him. of course i don't understand why anyone would want him. i would let atlanta deal with him. but on atlanta's side, it clears them of his name and reputation. doesn't matter where he goes, he's going to run into a lot of problems because of what he said. i wonder what his new teammates will think of him.

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03-27-00, 04:22 PM
wherever that Scumbag goes, everybody will hate him. They will get use to him, but deep down they will hate him. they only want him for his role in baseball. Other than that they could care less where he goes. Personally, he sucks all around, but ya gotta deal with this jerk.

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03-27-00, 06:43 PM
HEY! How come everybody beat me to the story? I'm always last! I heard this news early this morning but didn't have the time to post it. Of course it wasn't as early as Jim (3:11 AM?!). I pretty much share the same opinions as everybody else here.

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03-27-00, 11:47 PM
I heard this last night and thought it was a joke! But I guess its not! I really don't care where Rocker goes.. He is nothing but a racist and I dont care to follow his career moves, or read about him.. but I had to care when I heard he was going to my partners NL team! http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/eek.gif Sorry Ansky. I wish you didn't have to get stuck with the likes of him..


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03-27-00, 11:58 PM
Ugueth Urbina - the only player in the history of professional baseball with the initials UUU. I think he has a brother too with equally intriguing initials?

They traded Rocker for a foreigner! Ain't that a kick!! Atlanta disowned the S.O.B. The South's gonna rise again (and again, and again)!

Best GoYanks!

03-28-00, 10:56 AM
Thanks for the advice Mafia, Flouke is already taken. I waived him and picked up some kid from Arizona with a funny name. I'd have done about anything to rid myself of that racist slimeball. Funny, nobody else in our league claimed him off of waivers either.

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03-29-00, 11:54 PM
Rocker Not an Expo
By: Alex Caporicci
Date: 03/27/2000
There have been many reports, from the AP wire and ESPN, that the Montreal Expos and Atlanta Braves were prepared to make a deal. The deal would include Ugueth Urbina of the Expos and John Rocker of the Braves as major parts.

Pitcher Bruce Chen was rumored to be involved in the deal, as was pitcher Kevin McGlinchey.

There is no doubt that talks were held, in the past and maybe recently, but it doesn't seem that a deal will be done. The Expos' players have repeatedly said that Rocker would not be welcome on the club, and would be too big of a distraction. The negative vibes around the team, if Rocker joined them, would ruin a positive spring training for the clubs.

Another rumor had the Expos using the money they saved on Urbina's salary to acquire Padres' pitcher Sterling Hitchcock to become their #1 or #2 pitcher. That is something that makes sense if the Expos do end up trading Urbina. Urbina is not interested in signing a long term deal, so a replacement might be acquired sooner rather than later.

Unless something drastic happens, don't expect to see Rocker in an Expo

--courtesy Montreal sports Report

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