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03-20-00, 09:03 PM
I read today that Sierra had been released.

Amazing how he just stoped hitting.
Too many muscles?
Unable to adjust?
All of the above?
I've seen it many times. But this guy could hit at one time.
This may have been the last shot for Ruben.


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03-21-00, 12:36 AM
The reason Sierra was released was because he didn't want to go to the Tribe's AAA affiliate in Buffalo. Kenny Lofton is making surprising strides after his rotor cuff surgery from the injury he sustained in the playoffs against Boston. He wasn't expected back until July, but that has been moved up to May, and there is even talk that he may DH as soon as Opening Day.

This leaves the Tribe with several players who were trying to fill in for Lofton until he came back. Two good rookie outfielders, Alex Ramirez (no relation to Manny) and Jose Cruz, are out of options and can't be let go. In addition veterans Lance Johnson and Mark Whiten were competing with Sierra for the job too. Charlie Manual likes "Hard Hittin'" Marc Whiten, but Johnson has had a miserable spring. Sierra saw the writing on the wall and told the Indians he wanted to try and sign on with another team.

That's the story on Sierra.

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03-21-00, 05:11 AM
Sierra is only 34 years old. He can't hit anymore.


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03-22-00, 03:54 PM
It takes so much skill to hit a major league pitch or even a AAA pitch for that matter. I guess with jusat a little loss in ability a player can be finished.

Sierra could hit at one time. I was so dissapointed in his performance with the YANKEES. I guess when you go from allstar to AAA in such a short time it is terribly frustrating.

His hitting coach from Texas said he knew Sierra was in trouble when he added to much bulk to his muscle but lost his bat speed in the bargain. The coach (whose name I can't remember) said his heart sunk when he took one look at Sierra when he arrived at ST camp that year. Before his first swing he already knew sierra was in trouble.

Sadly, it sounds like Sierra is having a hard time swallowing the biiter pill of a ruined career. I can bet that it is hard to fall so far fro such great heights.

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03-22-00, 10:56 PM
Garth Brooks said it wasn't hard.

Best GoYanks!

03-23-00, 08:59 PM
Can't he play for the Newark Bears again?


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03-26-00, 10:25 PM
Sierra was great as a Yankee, but his time has ended and he should call it quits or even retire.....

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