View Full Version : redsox "closer" Derek Lowe surrenders Garnd Slam

Bluesexy's daddy
03-25-00, 05:24 PM
This may become a theme that boston fans might need to grow accustomed to.

Pedro Martinez had a good start, giving up 2 runs in 4 innings. When the looked to the bull pen and couldn't find flame thrower Tom Gordon the redsox inserted their "new closer" Derek Lowe. He gave up a grand slam HR to a minor league back up infielder from the Phillies squad.

Hey Boston, Call Lou Pinella and get the name of his therapist. You will soon need help dealing with the nightmare that your bullpen will become this season.

Why not avoid all the suffering boston? Instead of torturing yourselves by watching the redsox take a nice drive out to Cape Cod. It's alovely area in the summer.

82 years......

My GOD ! That's 4 times longer than Odyseus' journey home from Troy !!

A story too long for Homer to tell.

03-26-00, 12:04 AM
Lol, let's take a trip to the Cape; I'll meet you at the first "Rotary"...

I saw this coming from a mile away; as if their pen was any good last year, this year they suffered a "downgrade"... Geez, how much lower can you get?

"Just watching the game, having a Bud..."

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