View Full Version : NHL All Star Game

02-09-04, 10:42 AM

I thought it was a good game. Any thoughts.

02-09-04, 10:45 AM
Glad the East took it. I was also proud of Adrian Aucoin in the super skills competition. Oakie hit a slap shot at 102.2 MPH... best of the night. Tied with Sheldon Souray, I believe.

02-09-04, 12:32 PM
I enjoyed the game too. I liked the throwback feel to it. Messier proved that at 43 he's still beter then most 23 year olds. I liked how it wasn't an EA sports game where 10+ goals are scored. My only complaint is that they had the Barenaked Ladies perform because they suck.

02-09-04, 07:11 PM
My only complain is Brian Rafalski starting when the only reason he is playing is because of an injury. How does the 7th best Dman in the east become a starter? Just because his teammate was the guy who got injured? Total BS. Aucoin or Sourey should have started.

And a big BOO to the fans who voted in Modano over Sakic. Where was Modano? Sakic was all over the ice and has twice as many points this season. Fan voting in the NHL is atrocious.

02-10-04, 01:30 PM
unfortunately I did not get to see the ASG :mad: first one in like 10 years I missed.

02-10-04, 05:28 PM
Atlanta got next year's game, I'm sure they are psyched -- especially with the strong possibility there will be no season next year. I hope not though.

02-10-04, 08:44 PM
Yeah, it was a pretty good game and I am glad to see Messier register a goal and an assist.