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03-25-00, 03:08 PM
Yankees owner throws support behind new south Florida stadium

March 25, 2000

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said Saturday he would vote to let the Florida Marlins move if efforts to build a new stadium are unsuccessful.

``You can't make sense out of a baseball franchise if they don't give what he needs,'' Steinbrenner said during the Marlins-Yankees game. ``If they don't help him and he wants to move, he'll have the support of the Yankees and baseball to let him move where ever he wants to.''

John Henry, a former limited partner of the Yankees, received approval from baseball to purchase the Marlins in Jan. 1999.

The team currently plays at Pro Player Stadium, an outdoor facility primarily designed for football. The Marlins have been plagued by afternoon and evening rain -- a normal south Florida occurrence -- since beginning play in 1993.

Last season, the Marlins had 13 home games delayed by rain and three others postponed, highlighting the need for a retractable roof.

``I hope he makes it down there,'' Steinbrenner said. ``I don't want to see them lose a baseball team, but I hope they're not silly about it. There are several places I know that want franchises.''

One area seeking a franchise is Northern Virginia. However, Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos has said he would sue if a team relocated there because it would infringe on his territorial rights.

Potential funding options for a new Miami-area stadium include a cruise tax.

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03-25-00, 06:48 PM
That is a SHOCK to me..
all he wants is top named players..
now he is helping out others.
I am impressed...

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