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Bleacher Bum
03-16-00, 09:40 PM
The upstart Cleveland Indians punked the reigning Grapefruit League Champion Kansas City Royals today, with a nine run bottom of the 9th inning rally which was capped by a three run dinger off of Enrique Wilson's bat.

Most observers attached little importance to the spring training contest, but after the game long time KC backer Rob Neyer insisted that in spite of the loss the Royals were still the team to beat. "Cleveland's farm system is bereft of any talent" said Neyer, "in the future there is no way Cleveland's soft talent players will be able to contend against teams like the Royals and White Sox."

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Bluesexy's daddy
03-17-00, 02:21 PM
I don't know Rob so i don't know if he was serious.

Rob, get a grip my man.

Yes, Kansas city is getting better but "in the future" must refer to some future time when Kansas will be willing to pay all those great youngsters to STAY in KC during their prime (free agency) years. I did not see KC bidding on Albert Belle, Bernie Williams, Roger Clemens, David Cone, or Chuck Finley.

Is Kansas city going to bid on Juan Gonzalez or Mike Mussina next year? I doubt it.

Kansas city will be able to use it's improving farm system to stay out of the cellar in "the future", but I do not see them unseating Clevland for a long time to come.

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