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02-17-00, 08:09 AM
Damn another chucker turning down a 10mil plus contract offer...

Radke spurned twins 3year 21mil deal... I respect the twins for at least trying and think the offer was more trhan respectable, but uhh, I also thought the mutts offer of 5years @ $55mil was respectable for hampton and the O's offer of 5 years @ $50 was respectable for moose... but maybe I'm outta the loop... I guess I didn't get the memo that ace's minimim wage perhaps due to cone's deal is now 13mil minimum... I dunno, how healthy this is for the game, but I d know that this increases our chances of landing another ace type arm to our staff in 2001...

I'm salivatin' at the prospects...

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02-17-00, 08:21 AM
Watch for Radke to be traded by end of season to a contender (e.g. jays, tribe...). Twins will want something before get nothing.
Actually we may see a lot of player movement come August or by the all star break.


02-17-00, 08:25 AM
yeah good point nyy15... we gotta stay on our toes, and monitor potential 2001 free agents as the break approaches... gotta keep tabs on da injuns specifically...

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26 in 2000


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02-22-00, 01:14 AM
If we had a microphone in the Indian's office we would hear: "Brad Rake"..."Mike Mussina"..."Hampton"

The mets must be in a tizy about Hampton. They will keep smiling on the exterior but I bet that there have been suggestions of "Sepuku" (ritualistic suicide), in the front office.

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02-22-00, 11:21 PM
At least they didn't sign Valentine yet.

Best GoYanks!

02-24-00, 06:43 AM
Mutts looking to add Radke now! Hate to say it, if Radke is in the Mutts rotation they will have one hell of a starting rotation.

For this year!