View Full Version : What should the NY Giants do at the draft?

03-01-01, 01:45 PM
Draft day is right around the corner and i was wondering what the Giants should focus their attention on? my first thought was Defense, mainly the DB's. Sehorn and the rest of the saftys are great but they need some one that can handle the other corner position. Mcdanial did great i thought this year at the nickle position and i would hate to start him at the other corner position becuase his size and speed is a question in my eyes but at the nickle he's perfect, because he's able to make plays by using his awarness and intelegence. i say we try and move up in the draft, and select the corner from Baylor ( forgot his name). don't ask me how to move up in the draft because i'm not smart enough ...YET. also we should continue improving our o-line.

03-01-01, 03:23 PM
Trade up and get Michael Vick. Kerry Collins is too eratic. Vick is going to do some big things in the NFL.

03-01-01, 03:43 PM
The Giants would have to give up WAY too much to move into the #1 slot in the draft (which is what it'll take to be sure of getting Vick).

With picks at the back of the first round, they should just be looking to get the best remaining talent, regardless of position.

In terms of positions, I'm thinking they need to be looking for:
- another running back (for insurance behind Barber & Dayne, although I do like Comella),
- more offensive linemen, since they relied on some extremely seasoned (read old) veterans in 2000,
- a new placekicker.

If Drew Brees or Chris Weinke are there at #30, take 'em, otherwise, wait for next year. With the schedule they've got for 2001, they should have a better pick then anyway (unfortunately).

03-01-01, 05:22 PM
Originally posted by orangemom
Trade up and get Michael Vick. Kerry Collins is too eratic. Vick is going to do some big things in the NFL.

I don't think they'll make that big of a change, unless you're talking about a backup. But with the departure of Ryan Leaf, San Diego is looking for some young blood. Look for Vick in So. Cal.

03-02-01, 01:04 AM
I love ya orange, but if the jints can get Vick, I'm really a pig and I have wings. It ain't happening. The K-nicks will get Micheal to come out of retirement before that happens. The Giants would have to trade so much that the acquistition of Vick would be a downgrade.
As for what position to draft, I'm not sure. DB? OL? K? Even QB? Maybe if there is a really good TE out there...
I don't know.

03-02-01, 07:39 AM
Hey Patrick, a girl can dream can't she? :) I know it isn't ever going to happen, but seriously, I do think the Giants need to address the quarterback situation. I am not fond of Kerry Collins. A friend of mine wants them to grab Flutie. I don't. What do you think?

03-02-01, 12:01 PM
I think the Giants might be able to get R. Barber (Tiki's brother) through the freeagents pool, so that could be our answer to our db problem. There are also some really good Wide reciever out on the market right now that got cut yesterday such as, Carl Picken, Thigpen, and even a couple of ex-Redskins.
We definately need a kicker...really bad. Thats one of the reasons we lost the superbowl, was becuase the Ravens kept getting the ball at like the 45 yard line. We need a kicker who can kick the ball into the endzone.

03-02-01, 03:12 PM
I heard that about Ronde (sp) Barber too. I think he'd be a great grab for the Giants. And you're right about the kicker. Anybody know if there are any good ones coming out this year?