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02-17-00, 08:00 AM
I really suspect that this guy angelos is not only a steiny wannabe, but may indeed be a steiny planted agent...

first he dumps the one manager that ever gave them any respectable shot at winning, then he promotes some loser pitching coach to cheif stooge, then he forces out one of the best baseball minds in the game in gillick, then he forces out benitez, raffy, and alomar, then he hires some guy named wren to gm who immediately over pays for some bums named desheilds clark and johnson, all the while they rape their farm system of any furtue talent to get big name LOSERS like belle, then he fires the same idiot and never replaces him, he hires his NONBASEBALL son to join his group of "advisors" and Now THIS:

He offers one of the top 5 pitchers in the game a 5 year 10per contract after the guy EXPRESSLY stated NO HOMETOWN DISCOUNT!!! Add Moose to the crowded 2001 free agent class, NO WAY he signs w/ the O's now... especially since he's doing it all alone over there... I think I'd be more inclined to go after moose than hampton who also rejected a 5 year 11per offer from the mutts...

Oh yeah, we'll definitely be in the market next offseas... AFTER we celebrate for the 4th time in five years and 26 overall...

da life of a yanks fan... it just don't get no better...

a39, bthga Prez...

26 in 2000

02-17-00, 10:57 AM
If he can handle the Bronx, Mussina would be nice addition. He's one the best in the game. Big money. But George would love to snag this guy from the O's. I get the feeling the Mets will sign Hampton at the end of the year. I'd hate see them get Mussina as well.
Real nice free agent list next year.


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02-17-00, 02:42 PM
Well said Ansky39, you've done a nice job recapping the O's since King Peter has been the ruler in Baltimore.

I hope Mussina sticks to his guns on this contract, and tests the free agent market. When Cone signed for 12 million Mussina let it be known that 12 million was the starting point. So Angelos offers 10 million? This is how Baltimores "management" rewards their ace that signed below market on his last contract to stay in Baltimore. Mussina wasn't too popular with the players association when he signed his last contract, he won't make the same mistake twice. Mussina should get around 15 million per, or more when the bidding starts. Mussina would look great in pinstripes.


02-17-00, 08:46 PM
Angelos should get out of the business. Baseball is no place for a class action lawyer, micro-managing, meglomaniac anyway. He'll never learn the hard lessons Steiny did. George, at least now (more or less) hires good people and lets them work.


02-18-00, 10:37 AM
People who never learn will eventually learn the hard way. Angelos is definitely one of those people.

It makes you wonder how that ballpark is packed every night with all the crap he pulls. Are Boog's Ribs really that good? mmmmm...Ribs (drooling like Homer) D*mn!, I'm getting hungry.

Bluesexy's daddy
02-22-00, 01:04 AM
Peter "the flame" Angelos, and Dan "we dont need Rocket" Duckwet are both YANKEE employees. What else could explain the "ingenious" moves they have come up with over the last few years.

Clark instead of Palmero ???!!!??? They must do a lot of heavy drinking in the Baltimore office. Let Mussina go for nothing????? Peter, you are a real class act. What a genius. Hey Pete, Pete Rose is looking for a baseball job. Why don't you hire HIM as the new GM? Since the mets are shopping Rickey Henderson why don't you send them Belle and Mussina for Henderson.

Like I said in another post about Charles "now I'm mad" Johnson, I see a fuse burning in the Orioles club house.

The only thing that I dislike about having a YANKEE agent as the owner of the Orioles is that Clevland might pick up Mussina. I hope not.

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