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Jim F
02-05-00, 03:17 PM
I heard it on Sportscenter this morning. Griffey does nothing but complain, complain, complain. I can only hope that this experience humbles him a little bit...

02-05-00, 09:04 PM
They're were all against me! Ah, but the strawberries - that's where I had them!
(Humphrey Bogart, The Caine Mutiny)

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02-06-00, 10:43 PM
wow, that almost made me feel sorry for him. i must of had a lapse in judgement!

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02-08-00, 12:05 PM
Ask Jackie Robinson or Hank Aaron about death threats.

I'm not angry with Grif concerning this whole thing...it's the Mariner's fault, IMO. Had they resisted the temptation to play the political game (by announcing Griffey's "request" to be traded in a dramatic press conference) they Woulda traded him already. But no...they are the sissies who are afraid of the death threats. No one wants to go down as the man who lost the best player in the game...so they turned it on him. Truth is, trading Jr. is a good baseball decision for the team because he'll be lost to free agency after this year anyway. Idiots. Now, public opinion may sway his way regardless.

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Jim F
02-08-00, 04:52 PM
I see where you're coming from KFP... look at the stigma that the BoSox have; the whole Curse Of The Babe thing...

bronx keed
02-15-00, 04:06 PM
ok, wheres rocker? that guy, what will he do next? We gotta stop him!!!


Bluesexy's daddy
02-22-00, 12:50 AM
I received a "death threat" this morning at a local drug store when I chased a couple of bums away from a senior citizen in the parking lot. They were trying to strong arm her for money. One of them looked back over his shoulder and said "I'm gonna kill you #$%&@ *&^$@#". I decided not to call the FBI yet, and I'm not going to move out of town.

"Junior" is the perfect nickname for gripey.

You think Boomer, Jarret Wrong, Armando Benitez, Fredy "the mouth" Garcia, Mo"adios" Vaughn etc don't get "death threats"???

They are all smart enough not to publish them. Gripey is trying to start an international "death threat letter" contest.

Jacky Robinson would probably be laughing at gripey if he were here.

Gripey is a hall of famer like Aaron and Robinson, but that's where the comparison ends.

Gripey, you got the trade, now shut up for God's sake. Do you need to be the center of major league attention EVERY day???

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