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02-18-00, 07:50 PM
Once again, I was lurking over at the Red Sox chat and reading what was going on. There were some heckling Yankees fans, and there wasn't a problem (just the ANNOYING Yank-me bs (GET ORIGINAL, DAMMIT!!!)). After a while, however, this Yankees fan comes on and announces that he heard on CNN that Nomar Garciaparra was killed. This guy logs on with about 5 different names talking about how Nomar is dead and was murdered by his gay lover. I was incredibly angered by this and thought it was in completely poor taste. I actually felt embarassed that this guy called himself a Yankees fan. Ugh. I had to vent.


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02-19-00, 07:59 AM
Well, that's pretty disgusting. Unfortunately there is no intelligence test required to buy a computer. You can just log on and do or say whatever you seem to feel is funny, especially when someone has had a couple too many brews, regardless of how much in poor taste it is, or how stupid you sound.

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02-19-00, 09:26 AM
People like that are a disgrace to humanity, let alone Yankee fans. I would have immediately given him the hook.


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02-19-00, 04:55 PM
Although I've never actually met any I've heard that there are some rude people out there who call themselves Yankee fans. The last one was spotted about 40 years ago in the Brazilian rain forest. Now we have had another sighting. Reports of the specie's demise are therefore incorrect. Be wary if you encounter one face to face. Don't make any sudden moves or look them in the eye.

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02-19-00, 05:26 PM
Jen ~ Forest Gump said it best. "Stupid is as stupid does." Unfortunately, in every walk and area of life there are complete deadheads, who got as much brains as a bb in a box car. Yankee fans are no different. All we can do is condemn their actions and try to uphold Yankee honor by being a good forumer. http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/mad.gif

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02-21-00, 11:55 PM
Somebody got carried away.

I do not frequent any Boston sites but if I did I would not invent any dilemas. If I wanted to torture those poor defenseless creatures I would just elude to the truth. Not the entire truth mind you, I wouldn't want to give them a stroke.

In Boston the truth hurts enough.

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02-22-00, 12:27 AM
That's just sickening. And it's even worse coming from someone who calls himself a Yankee fan. What's his problem? Does he need attention that badly? Didn't his mommy hold him enough when he was a baby?

I guess he got bored with pulling the wings off flies.

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