View Full Version : Cal Ripken Possibly O's New Firstbaseman...

02-21-00, 08:49 PM
Here is the article:

It tells how Mike Hargrove is contemplating moving Cal across the diamond to First Base. Not all that bad of an idea...

02-21-00, 08:55 PM
It may be time for Cal to start thinking about being the 1st base COACH.
Good career Cal, let it go.


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Bluesexy's daddy
02-22-00, 12:50 AM
1st base coach??? no way. You guys are so cruel. He is way to young to retire. Trade him to the mets so he can play first base while Todd Zeille learns to play outfield. God knows the mets need him.

Cal, you like a good game of poker? The mets could be your team. Cal, you could be Piazza's back up DH. Please don't retire Cal, if worse comes to worse we will find you a spot in the clevland rotation.

I see a fuse burning in baltimore.....

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02-22-00, 12:53 AM
He could wear his Bobby V. disguise.

Best GoYanks!