View Full Version : What Are An NHL Team Captain's Duties?

Bern Baby Be
10-09-03, 02:09 PM
I just read that the NHL has its first black team captain, in Jarome Ingilia(sp?). That got me to wonder what they do. It sounds like it's more than just ceremonial like in baseball. Can anyone shed some light? Thanks.

10-09-03, 02:27 PM
Good question.

It is not ceremonial at all. Getting the "C" on your sweater is a really, really big deal. The team captain or their alternates are the "point men" for all discussions with the referee and linesmen. No other player is permitted to speak "officially" with a game official. In fact, an official will speak to the captain before (or instead of) speaking to the coach. Oftentimes, a captain will be warned about players/coaches approaching the breaking point of that perticular official as a means of having someone other than the official tell the offending player/coach to calm down.

As for off-ice duties, a captain is the emotional and spiritual leader of the team. Mainly it is given to a player who (while being a good player) commands respect from the rest of the team. It is not always given to the best player on the team, and (by rule) is never given to a goalie.

I hope this helps, and if someone sees something I missed, feel free to add.


Bern Baby Be
10-09-03, 04:49 PM
Thanks, Winger. So this really is a big deal that this guy was appointed. Especially in a sport so few people of African descent play in.