View Full Version : Childs gone, Bogues in and Jackson back

02-22-01, 08:58 PM
Knicks traded Childs and a #1 draft pick for Mark Jackson and Mugsy Bogues

02-22-01, 10:40 PM
Originally posted by chriscary
Knicks traded Childs and a #1 draft pick for Mark Jackson and Mugsy Bogues
:lol: Ya can never have too many 5 ft 4 inch point guards. :lol:

02-22-01, 10:58 PM
Wow,this is the first I have heard of this.

Getting MJ back is a great move!

He can be an ass sometimes but he's a hell of a point guard.

They probably just threw in Bogues to dump his salary.He won't see much time.

02-23-01, 06:40 AM
A first rounder??? Price is steep for a 35 year old guy......Childs and a throw-in sounds a little more reasonable to me....Perhaps it's a lean draft year......Otherwise I think Toronto picked the Knicks' pocket.

:confused: :confused:

02-23-01, 08:36 AM
tell me the last knick first rounder that ever amounted to anything... probably jackson... our first round picks since jackson have been a huge WASTE...

i like the deal...

02-23-01, 11:24 AM
The only thing is - do we really need a point guard, especially one with documented defensive liabilities. What we need is a strong center. A BIG fellow.

It seems as if this trade was made to make a trade in response to Phillies action.

The Knick braintrust to me is in the same league as the small market teams in baseball. Sorry, I am neutral about the trade and negative about the Knicks team makeup.

02-23-01, 02:56 PM
I love JACKSON, good outside touch, can score a little on the inside, great passer, BOGUES you will be suprised he can shoot and is a fast little bugger.

02-23-01, 03:30 PM
plus he's from brooklyn, (although i thought he was from queens)... that's gotta count for something...

hey nomes, don't slam the knicks brass... they've brought in a lot of good players since the al bianchi days... we got houston, spree, rice, cambyman, lj, thomas, harrington, longley all thru deals in a league that's pretty hard to manuever in... the only bad move during that period was and is drafting a heisman winner to play point... now hopefully they have corrected that mistake... that is unless van beetlejuice continues to start charlie wart....

i'd like us to get a premier post presence also, but there just ain't none to be had... until the summer and cwebb that is... ;)

we'll be ok w/ this team... camby's a monster presence on the boards we added another post presence in jackson to go along w/ lj harrington and thomas... all they gotta do now is back em down and kick it out to either houston spree of rice... i think we'll be ok... i just hope rice gets healthy that's my only concern this seas...