View Full Version : action jackson...

02-22-01, 07:40 PM
...to the knicks....

good deal.

02-22-01, 11:33 PM
Unless they manage to win a championship - bad deal.
Childs was a free agent after next year. Jackson and Bogues(sp?) are signed for three more each and they are both 36. Bogues is pretty useless to the K-nicks at this point in his career. Will he be the third 1 behind Jackson and Ward or the fourth 2 behind Houston, Spree and Rice? U-S-E-L-E-S-S.
Jackson is an upgrade offensively, as far a being able to get the ball in to the people who do the scoring, but I can play d as good as him. Every extra point he helps the K-nicks get will be offset by the points he gives up. The main roadblock to the Finals is Philly, and is what on earth is Jackson going to do to stop Iverson? Huh, absolutely nothing - say it again!
And a #1 draft pick? Why do the K-nicks even get picks, anyway? They are the anti-Yanks - zero homegrown talent. It's always about getting the other teams guys.
The K-nicks are destined to always be real good but never quite good enough, and it's because of trades like this.
That said, I hope they make me eat my words. :)

02-23-01, 07:34 AM
valid points all and i really loved childs for his dee... but we needed a REAL point guard to direct the offense... childs couldn't cut it startin and ward absolutely SUCKS!!! we'll make adjustments to stop iverson, no ONE man on earth can stop him, so it's no big loss losing childs and gaining lead foot er action jackson... one things for sure, jackson is a POINT guard... one of the best... and now he's ours... draft picks mean nothing when you're a playoff team every year... bogues... i'd still rather see him out there than that fake heisman florida state preacher...