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09-26-03, 10:51 AM
Ah as the cool air begins to move in and all of our thoughts move to the MLB Playoff's let us remember that this weekend brings NASCAR to the fastest track in all of Motorsports. Talladega Superspeedway (Talladega, Al) and they mean it. Superspeedway 188 Laps equaling 500 Miles

Fastest Qualifying Lap EVER. Bill Elliott 212.809 MILES PER HOUR
Race Record Average Speed Mark Martin 188.354

This is Restrictor Plate Racing at it's best. Drafting is a must and therefore some of the strangest alliances are made but make no mistake with 10 to go you have no friends, no teammates, NO HELP.

With 10 Races to go the Championship has been decided but there are still positions to be decided on the dais in NY come December.


09-26-03, 10:56 AM
Should be interesting for sure...the big storyline this year is whether the concussion Dale Jr. got last week will keep him from making it five wins in a row at Talladega...we shall see, but I certainly hope he knows he's 100% OK, for his sake and the sake of all the competitors. :)

09-26-03, 11:05 AM
A lot of people don't seem to like plate racing but I think it's pretty exciting even though I hate the big wrecks. You never know what's going to happen.

I'm glad Jr. got a clean bill of health... but I really hope he's legitamitely 100%. As if the focus wouldn't be on Jr. enough this race, it will be even more so as they play up how he triumphed over his injuries from last week - especially if he wins again.

A smart pick to win this race would be either Jr. or Michael Waltrip but I'm feeling Kevin Harvick this week. He's been so awesome lately I think he's due for another win.