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02-19-00, 10:03 PM
Although I've been a Yankee fan since birth, I have never been to Yankee Stadium! I've seen them play in Toronto, Cleveland, and Baltimore, but not in NY yet. Hopefully, I will get there this summer, and I can just imagine what it feels like to walk into that legendary place full of history and Yankee pride for the first time. So I ask you all...what does it feel like? do you remember your first time?

02-19-00, 10:09 PM
well my first trip to the stadium was special for two reasons. it was for alds in 1996. i was a sophomore in high school and a flag twirler for the high school band. we went up to perform the pre game show. so not only did i see my first yankee game, but i got to walk out on the field before the game with about half the stadium there and perform. it was absolutely amazing, i walked out onto the field with my mouth open when they opened the gates. through my three years in band i got to perform at 11 games and march in the 96 and 98 ticker tape parades. my advice to you when you go for the first time, take it all in. i did and i will never forget what it was like. as david cone said the ballpark has a magic and mystique to it.

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I am sad to see you go but keep your hopes up and something good will happen to you. Don't go out there not knowing what you want or people will take advantage of you, so take charge and be on your merry way.
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02-19-00, 10:18 PM
thats great! you're very lucky! it must have been a great thrill to not only go, but perform there too.

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