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02-12-01, 12:53 PM
yes, i know there are other threads about this "league", but i wanted to put my 2 cents in.. i'm not sure this is the correct forum to put it in since it is supposed to be about other "sports"..

the xfl sucks.. the players in the xfl suck..

i was at the local outback getting dinner when i see alvin harper, shante carver, rashad salam, and roosevelt potts within the span of about 5 minutes.. what is this? i'm willing to bet that these teams couldn't even beat major college football programs..

then the camera spans the crowd.. the fans sitting in the seats look like drunk morons.. i guess that is the target audience however.. i always questioned the sanity of people that watch wrestling, but at least they try to keep that junk off of the major networks.. this entire league is just a sham for a few people to get even richer while these pathetic "football" players make pennies on the dollar..

02-12-01, 01:11 PM
Don't worry, KLJ, the ratings were down significantly this week, even with a side-line announcer getting brained with a bottle in L.A. By the end of this season, this rubbish will have run its course. Even the marketing geniuses at NBC will figure out the need to bail out of this fiasco.

02-12-01, 01:43 PM
Not bad for high school football...:lol:

God they SUUUUUUCK !!!!! And so close to Baseball season I REALLY don't care !!!

02-12-01, 03:39 PM
It's just stupid...I saw part of a game last week and promptly changed the channel.

02-14-01, 07:38 PM
Big boobs, crappy players.
Yup, sounds like fun... ::rolleyes:
Maybe if they get chipandales, I'll watch.

Stick Michael
02-14-01, 08:21 PM
Right on - the XFL blows. Ultimatelty I think it will be its lack of identity that will be its undoing. Granted, the talent level is inferior BY FAR to that of the NFL but that's not what makes it unwatchable. It's the gimmicks - the consistently bad camera angles they use, the comments from miked players that sound like they're reading from cue cards, the stupid nicknames on the back of jerseys...it's all nonsense! If it wanted to be taken seriously and attract a football audience then for godssake TREAT IT LIKE A FOOTBALL GAME - hire professionally respected announcers, use standard football camera angles, and dump the pre-scripted comments and fan reaction shots. Fortunately, this is never gonna happen so the XFL will probably be referred to in the past tense in no more than 3-4 years.

By the way, KLJ, thank you for dining at Outback...I love their food so much I decided to become a stockholder!


02-14-01, 08:58 PM
Yeah, I agree. I can't even watch this crap.

I also love Outback. Hell, the Bloomin' Onions are a feast by itself!!! :)

02-16-01, 07:04 AM
LOS ANGELES Security measures will be increased and beer sales will be curtailed for Xtreme games after a paraplegic was injured during the XFL's debut at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

"We're definitely going to beef up security, we're going to beef it up and be very aggressive. There's going to be a significant presence," Coliseum general manager Pat Lynch said Thursday.

Albert Trevino, 46, of Ventura, was hospitalized with a head cut and bruises on much of his body. Lynch said Trevino, a paraplegic who uses a wheelchair, was hurt when a nearby fight spilled over, causing him to lurch forward over a 2-foot metal plate and into the seats in front of him.

A crowd of 35,813 attended the Los Angeles Xtreme's home opener Saturday night against the Chicago Enforcers. The next XFL game at the Coliseum is Feb. 25 against Memphis.

"The Coliseum has assured us they're going to do several things," said J.K. McKay, the Xtreme's general manager. "First, they're going to beef up security within the stadium. There's going to be a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of fan misbehavior. Those people who misbehave will immediately be removed, ejected and, if appropriate, arrested.

"They're going to cut off beer sales at the end of the first half and, in the future, if we have any further problems, we, the organization, will request the Coliseum not serve any beer at all."

Trevino, a Little League coach, said he'll return to the Coliseum for a game, but he won't sit in the section for those with disabilities until a railing is installed.

"Had there been one, I would have had something to grab onto," he said.

Lynch said the railing was taken out during a remodeling job in 1993.

"We don't know yet," Lynch said when asked if it would be reinstalled. "We're still investigating what's the best solution."

Lynch said the railings were taken out after discussions with consultants and representatives of the disabled.

"Many times the railing would interfere with the sight line," he said.

Trevino recalled hearing his head crunch against the concrete floor during the altercation, then lying face down, his head covered with blood.

His 13-year-old nephew, Eddie Cardenas, rushed to his aid and wound up covered in beer and his uncle's blood as fans lobbed beer in his direction, Trevino said.

"One man took out his handkerchief and put it on my head to stop the bleeding," Trevino said, adding it took a long time for paramedics to arrive. "They had to use their shields to protect themselves from the crowd."

Paramedics took Trevino to California Hospital, where he received six stitches to close his head wound.

"I was lucky, very lucky that I was not hurt more," said Trevino, who was paralyzed at age 17 after his girlfriend accidentally ran over him while backing up her car.

Trevino insists he doesn't plan legal action.

"I would just be happy if they apologized to me and found my glasses and camera, which were lost during the fight. It's not my style to sue," he said.

McKay expressed regret at the news of Trevino's injury.

"I am upset by it. I hope the Coliseum does whatever needs to be done to ensure this never happens again," he said. "To the individual, I would personally apologize and ask that he give us another chance and we'll do whatever we can to make sure he can watch the game comfortably and without incident."


Can folks get much lower than this?