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Yanks-Past and Present
01-24-00, 06:28 PM
Who do you consider the 5 greatest Yankees of all-time? Here's my picks:

<LI>Babe Ruth
<LI>Joe Dimmagio
<LI>Mickey Mantle
<LI>Whitey Ford
<LI>Lou Gehrig

I'm interested to hear your replies.

"Homerun hitters drive Cadillacs, singles hitters drive Fords"~~Ralph Kaline

01-24-00, 08:23 PM
I agree except for Ford. I've always had a little more respect for Yogi as a player and person. I have to say that I don't know that much about Ford either.

Well, it's off to the record books!

01-24-00, 08:25 PM
1. Lou Gehrig
2. Mickey Mantle
3. Joe DiMaggio
4. Yogi Berra
5. Babe Ruth

YankeesBoard Webmaster
01-24-00, 08:27 PM
Agreed, that Whitey one could go many ways. The other four are right on target, though.

My vote would go with #15 instead of Whitey. Yogi's not a bad option either. Then again, we can't forget Donnie B.

Aw heck, make it a list of 10! http://www.yankeesboard.com/ubb/wink.gif


01-25-00, 08:01 PM
Very tough question. Let's see;

1 Babe Ruth
2 Lou Gehrig
3 Joe Dimaggio
4 Mickey Mantle
5 Casey Stengal (can't forget the managers)

Best. Go Yanks!

YankeesBoard Webmaster
01-25-00, 08:20 PM
It seems that we're all agreed on the top 4, but that last one is a toss up. Seahorse brought up a good point, though. If you're going to count Stengel, why not Joe McCarthy or Miller Huggins?

Although Yogi could fit into the "great manager" calssification too... http://www.yankeesboard.com/ubb/wink.gif


bronx keed
01-26-00, 03:24 PM
The Mick/Maris
The Babe/The Ironhorse
Casey/Yogi (they spoke the same lingo)Dimaggio (in a class all his own)

Just to be different I paired them up.....