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Yanks-Past and Present
01-22-00, 04:18 PM
It seems that every year we are mourning in the loss of a Yank. Last year; 'Joltin' Joe Dimmagio. This year; Bob Lemon. I afraid that for all the greats, their time has finally come. In a few years, many will be gone, and we will lose the "Old Time" feeling. Lets remember and care for that feeling as long as we have it. Go read a book about Babe Ruth. Get a video all about Mickey Mantle. Don't just pay attention to all the up and coming superstars, remember where the real greats are.

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01-22-00, 06:45 PM
AMEN!! That is the EXACT sentiment that I was hoping to stimulate with this forum! I am so happy that someone else sees this!

I searched for nearly 3 months to find "Pride Of The Yankees" on DVD, and finally found it. It was the colorized version, but it is still amazing.

The magic of the Yankees comes mainly from the legends of yesterday. But you have to look at the brightside: this is the dawning of a new era. With up and coming legends like Jeter, we have much to look forward to. We just have to remember to not forget about the past.


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01-23-00, 08:32 PM
I think that is one of the best things about being a Yankees fan - I guess every team has history, and obviously, the Yanks are not the only really old team in the league, but on the other hand, no other team has the consistent legacy of winning and great players that the Yankees do. I don't think that feeling will ever go away - the organization does a great job of trying to work the history of the Yankees into the day-to-day - the wall of retired numbers, Monument Park, the years of the World Championships on the bases of the lightpoles outside the Stadium, etc. I never saw many of the Yankee greats play - I barely even remember Mickey Mantle (I think I remember when he retired), but I know of them through TV, Yankees magazine, and many other sources. Yes, many of the old-time players have passed, but think about it - in 20 years, we will be seeing the Yanks of the 70's as old men, and the legacy will continue on and on, growing as it goes.

I know I'm rambling, but that's what the history of the Yankees can do to a girl!

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01-23-00, 11:01 PM
I spend a lot of time at Baseball Almanac.com trying to uncover interesting things about baseball. And also Baseball history books. Did you know that in order for Jackie Cooper ( righty) to portray Gehrig (lefty) on film they had to film him running the bases backwards (from third to first) and then turn the film around. The NY logo on his uniform was also embroidered backwards.

Best. Go Yanks!

01-24-00, 09:31 PM
I know exactly what you are saying. Have you ever been to Cooperstown? You walk into Double Day field and you see all the old-timers siting in the bleachers and remembering. It really is an awesome sight. I ended up spending my whole afternoon once talking with a couple of those guys.

They would talk of all the greats past and present. Compare and divide. You really lose the meaning of baseball with all the stuff going on today. Man, it would have been awesome to see what it was like in those days.

Yanks-Past and Present
01-25-00, 05:54 PM
Your right. You don't know how many times I've read a book or watched a video about any of the old ballplayers and wished I could've seen it happen. But who knows, maybe one day in 30 years we'll be telling our kids and Grandkids about Derek Jeter or Ken Griffey Jr., and see them totally in awe. I await that day very much....

Where have you gone, Joe Dimmagio? Our nation turns its lonely eyes on you...

01-25-00, 06:41 PM
That's a cool thought. Lets keep it at kids though for me. http://www.yankeesboard.com/ubb/wink.gif

Yanks-Past and Present
01-25-00, 07:10 PM
LOL upstate Yankee, me too.

Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio? Our nation turns its lonely eyes on you...