View Full Version : Knicks-Mavs

02-07-01, 08:52 PM
Anybody watching this? The game just went into OT. Unbelievable!

02-08-01, 07:42 AM
Can the Knicks ever, just once do something easy?!?
By the end of the season if you count the minutes, I bet the Knicks play about three more games than any other team.

They sure keep it exciting.

02-08-01, 08:14 AM
They won it in double overtime! What an amazing finish! Loved it! But it's tough on the heart!

:) :) :)

02-09-01, 09:56 PM
They won't just win by like 22 points! There's no way I can watch these games when i'm 40. Being 19, my heart muscles have already been tested enough!

02-11-01, 12:53 PM
damn, just reading about that game was exciting. trelly had 20 points--woo hoo!

can't wait to see what he'll do tonight in the all-star game:).