View Full Version : Question about the "upload image" feature....

02-05-01, 08:47 PM
How do I find the URLs for the uploaded images? I just tried to upload an image and I got to the screen where I either type in the exact filename or browse my comp to find the file. But when I hit "upload", all I got was a blank dark page. I'm not even sure my upload succeeded (the filename was "bigthumpup.gif"). Anyway, even if the upload worked I can't use the file in a post without knowing its URL. How do I find it?

B "confused" G :)

Jim F.
02-05-01, 08:48 PM
sorry :(


I'll have to remove those links from the templates...


02-05-01, 08:59 PM
Hey Jim, don't be sorry. I have an Honesty account anyway so I can deal. Sorry myself, for not seeing the earlier post on the same topic....

B "oh well" G :)