View Full Version : URL for this site?

02-02-01, 09:15 AM
Is there a URL for this site that won't be edited at Y.com?

Jim F.
02-02-01, 12:19 PM
I've emailed you. I don't want to give away these trade secrets, otherwise you-know-who will have a running list of URLs to ban.

Why the official Yankees Fan Forum would ban the site URL of the most popular Yankees Fan Site on the internet is beyond me...


02-02-01, 12:55 PM
Clear this up for me, is it some sort of auto edit like the one which nixes curse words, or is D on the lookout for bb.com??

If it is the auto edit, then D has some serious problems.

Jim F.
02-02-01, 01:10 PM
Yeah, it gets censored like a curse word. So far the only ones I know that are banned are bronx-bombers.com, yankeeschat.com, yankeesboard.com, bronxbombersonline.com.

No comment on him having serious problems, however...


02-04-01, 06:31 AM
The "final" reason that I got kicked out of there was because I posted a link to the ESPN site that said this was the best Yankee fan site on the internet. Unreal!