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01-19-01, 10:04 AM
golf? I get made fun of a lot because I like to play the game of golf. It's very relaxing... I wish my school had a golf team, that would be cool. What's the lowest score ya ever had? I had a 96 once, it was pretty cool... I want to break the 80s one day, but it'll never happen. I had a 147 one day when it was raining really bad and it was hard to see.

Norwegian Wolf
01-19-01, 10:18 AM
Golf is Greek to me....

01-19-01, 11:09 AM
Originally posted by chelle
I played golf from the age of 10 until a car accident in '98....It's a wonderful and difficult game....My lowest 18 hole score was 89 (shoulda been lower but I had 44 putts that day) and my lowest 9 hole score was 37 (I was on fire...lol).

Hey chelle.....Think anyone makes fun of Tiger Woods these days? Keep playing and enjoying....Those making fun are undoubtedly envious of your athletic ability.

P.S. It's one of the things I like best here in FL.....Sports programs and opportunities are as available for my daughter (a softball pitcher, just like you), as they are for my son.

01-20-01, 10:55 AM
Originally posted by MrJack
and my lowest 9 hole score was 37

Jack! What on earth did you stop for?!?! You could have shot a 42 on the next 9 and still broken 80!

I like golf a lot. I wish I could play more often so that I could get better than I am, which isn't all that good. I have the uncanny ability to hit a 9 on one hole, then par the next, and follow that up with another 9. My biggest problem is consistently hitting the damn ball straight. If I could do that I would be pretty good because the one thing that I do well is putt. I can almost always two-putt (it makes me CRAZY when I three-or-more putt!) and I drop a pretty good share of one-putts. It's getting the damn ball on the green that kills my game.

01-20-01, 03:28 PM
I played it twice in my life and had a great time, although I really really stink at it! It's a great game, especially since it's something that you can do forever - unlike most team sports, you don't have to stop at a certain age. My old boss is in his 70's now, still plays twice a week, and beats people half his age.

01-20-01, 03:53 PM
Tournaments are a lot of fun. I went in one with my dad, my brother, and my uncle who was visiting from Colorado and we actually one... Two kids, 13 and 14 (I was 13 then and my brother was 14) and two guys who were in their 50s... LOL! That's the nice thing about it.

01-20-01, 04:28 PM
Originally posted by patrick.o
Jack! What on earth did you stop for?!?! You could have shot a 42 on the next 9 and still broken 80!

We used to play after work and 9 holes was all we had time for.

01-23-01, 12:05 AM
Great game.I used to play a lot in high school. I don't have time anymore. I look great on the range but my short game stinks.