View Full Version : We'll Have That Tuna To Go...

01-09-01, 10:05 PM
Well, Bill Parcells has officially stepped down as director of football operations for the Jets, he said he doesn't have the commitment level for the job. How long do you think it will be before he's coaching somewhere else?

Like it's not hard enough being a Jets fan! I don't know whether to be mad or sad, but I am not happy! :(

Jim F.
01-09-01, 10:08 PM
Wayne Chrebet said it the best, he said "I feel like an orphan who nobody wants". It's a shame, because it's not like the Jets are Cincinnatti or Cleveland or something. They have a lot of good young talent, as well as veterans. They are one good wide receiver short of a Super Bowl run. I just wish we could convince a coach to stay for more than a year, or day.


PS: I don't want to hear it, Ansky ;)

01-11-01, 12:28 PM
Anything in the the Jets rumor mill as far as coach/GM replacements up there in the big apple?

01-11-01, 12:44 PM
I cried. Really. Almost as much as when I found out David Cone left us.

Seriously though...now what happens? To think of how great this team COULD HAVE BEEN is just not enough. I was hoping Bill coming back would inject some sort of passion into the team.

Does not look like we are going to the Playoffs for quite sometime.