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12-15-00, 06:21 PM
I know you are a big Notre Dame fan, while I'm a Pac-10 alum. I think the best bowl game on the schedule will be New Year's Day in Tempe, where the Oregon State Beavers will beat your beloved Irish in the Fiesta Bowl (played at my Alma Mater).

Can you imagine two more contrasting teams? OSU hasn't had a winning season in 30 years, or a bowl in around 32, yet, last time I checked, the odds makers in Vegas had them a few points up on ND. Tradition versus the ultimate in NO tradition, national following against no following. However, Oregon State's only loss was by three points at Seattle, so don't rely on your victory over Purdue as an indicator that Notre Dame can stack up with a (this year at least) top 10 team. Dennis Erickson's collection of no-names move fast and hit hard. The only question is whether the quick trip to the spotlight is a bit much for a group and program used to toiling in anonymity.

So, may the better team win, and Notre Dame finish second.

12-18-00, 07:39 AM
FRESNO, man you can really get it going, NOTRE DAME is gonna win, in fact I gurantee it!

12-19-00, 06:38 PM

Most recent news is that while anyone who knows anything about football has Bucky Beaver kicking the Leprechaun's butt, MSNBC did a "computer" simulation of the game and concluded that Notre Dame would overcome a rough start and pull the game out in the second half. Of course, this is from a computer in the employ of the Notre Dame Broadcasting Company. It might have been the same electronic disgrace that messed up so badly on predicting the outcome of the presidential race.

You drink the Guiness, I'll down the Harps. OSU all the way!!!

12-20-00, 11:41 AM
NOTRE DAME is gonna win, the score will be about 38-21 but the game will be closer than the score, ND defense is gonna crack some head's man.

12-20-00, 02:01 PM

No, no, no! You beat USuCK, the bottom-feeder of the PAC-10, by a score of 38-21. Notre Dame did not see a team as fast as Oregon State (defense or offense) this year. Also unlike Paul Can'tHackett at the University Surrounded by Crips, Dennis Erickson is a proven big game coach who can get his personnel up for maximum effort. Bobby D. will be outcoached, so it would take Divine Intervention for South Bend College to win--but I doubt God would change religions now and help your team.

12-20-00, 04:46 PM
Wow! I thought that Notre Dame was only allowed to play the service academies. :)

12-20-00, 06:38 PM

Not quite. Notre Dame is also allowed to play Rutgers, West Virginia, and St. Theresa's School for Wayward Girls. It helps when your school has its own television network.

01-02-01, 07:07 AM
CONGRAT'S FRESNO, man did we get spanked! OREGON ST. is one hell of a team, I think ERICKSON has a team that will be fighting for a CHAMPIONSHIP next year. I thought we really had a shot to win. I also thought we could keep up on offense, but that team beat us all around. BUT TO my ND team and DAVIES, I think they will be awsome next year also, that kid quaterback we got is gonna be better, he is good, the defense is gonna be stronger, I AM just proud of them getting back to where they belong. A few changes on the schedule Iwould like to see, I would like MICHIGAN and MIAMI back on our schedule and I would also like to play FLORIDA ST. just like we used to in the HOLTZ era. HAT'S off to you, just try not to rub it in to much, we got spanked hard you know it and I know it.

01-02-01, 11:08 AM

I expected Oregon State to win, but had no idea it would be by such a margin, and could easily have been much more (shades of Nebraska--Northwestern). If OSU had any history (other than the NCAA Division 1 record for consecutive losing seasons), I suspect they might have been considered higher--bring on Oklahoma or Florida State.
ND's quarterback is only a (true) freshman--so the Irish will probably fare better on offense next year.

01-02-01, 11:09 PM
It is sad that Notre Dame Lost also Purdue Lost the Same Weekend! ( Can you tell Im married to Guy from Indiana!)

Hi Guys! How Ya Doing Mafia?!!!


01-03-01, 10:18 AM
JEAN I AM alway's doing fine, I have to be since i'm under the gun half the time.